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The individualised French courses offered by Language Trainers will incorporate your language needs and goals (personal or business), as well as provide interesting study materials. Our trainers are all qualified native speakers who specialise in one-to-one, two-to-one, and small group learning. We will arrange for your trainer to conduct lessons at your home or office, at a suitable time for you, whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening, during the week or on weekends.

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French Course in Fife

You might want to learn French for any number of different reasons and the key thing is that we will tailor the course to these needs and give you the support you need to gain the skills you want.

General French courses will provide you with enough grammar and vocabulary to allow you to converse with native speakers, and form a strong basis for further learning. A Business course in French will generally cover basic business etiquette in that language, and at a higher level, reading and writing in French.

However, you don't need to look on it as a choice between these two options. Most students of a French Business course will also learn enough general vocabulary to feel happy about taking a holiday where French is the main language. A client who wants their General lessons to focus on a particular area of interest just needs to advise the teacher during their first lesson or at any time during the course.

While it is impossible to describe the characteristics of the average language student it is clear that many who choose to take Business courses work in import-export or in companies with overseas headquarters or branches. General courses cater mostly to those who wish to learn French for short trips to (or through) a country where it is widely spoken; as well as those who wish to pass a specific French exam, people who want to buy a home abroad, and people marrying into a French family.

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My trainer was highly skilled in teaching; he planned the lessons and homework extremely well to suit me and the subjects I needed to grasp for my job.

Hannah Owen PA to Harry Deans, CEO, INEOS Phenol , taking French classes in Southampton
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Info about French

Spoken by over 175 million people worldwide, speaking French is invaluable when visiting any country in La Francophonie, the collection of 41 French-speaking nations all over the world. With Language Trainers, you get a native French language tutor with whom you can arrange teaching sessions at a time and place of your choice, either for one-on-one tuition or in groups. What you learn is decided in your introductory session, so that your language needs are fulfilled as opposed to learning irrelevant vocabulary and constructions. All academic materials are supplied by us.

French Facts

French writing System: Latin alphabet with diacritic marks
Famous French Singers: Chantal Goya, Edith Piaf
Famous French Movies: Amélie
How many French Internet users are?: 59,779,525
How do I say Hello in French: Bonjour

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