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If you are interested in learning French, for business or pleasure, our qualified native-speaking trainers will provide a course that is specific to your language needs. Relevant topics will be covered, and course materials provided, for individuals, pairs, or small groups. Language Trainers will arrange for your tutor to hold classes at your workplace or home, at a time that suits you (days, evenings, weekdays or weekends).

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French Course in Fife

Our language classes will reflect your French needs and will give you the skills and confidence you want, regardless of how you plan to use your French knowledge in the future.

General French courses will cover Survival French, allowing you to be comfortable during short visits to the country; polite conversation, practicable vocabulary and a strong grammatical foundation. The Business courses we provide will give you the ability to cope in a more formal French environment whenever you need to.

However, you don't need to look on it as a choice between these two options. Most students of a French Business course will also learn enough general vocabulary to feel happy about taking a holiday where French is the main language. A client who wants their General lessons to focus on a particular area of interest just needs to advise the teacher during their first lesson or at any time during the course.

We arrange Business courses for many clients; primarily those working in international trade, overseas governments and universities, and employees of multinational firms who require a second language. General French courses are ideal for those students with an exam coming up. However, they can also be perfect for anyone who is thinking of moving abroad or who feels that the time is right to seek out new challenges.

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John West Foods Ltd
Renaissance Capital

My teacher Annie has been very good, hopefully I can get into a routine of 2 lessons per week and also do my homework!!!!!.

Tony Parker Quality and Operations Manager , United Molasses Group, taking French classes in Liverpool
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Info about French

During the 18th and 19th centuries French was the foremost language in Europe, owing to its usage by aristocracy and royalty while it was in fashion. While English has since taken over as the lingua franca of Europe and the rest of the world, French is still a vastly active spoken language, known by over 175 million people worldwide. If you need to gain knowledge of the French language, then the packages offered by Language Trainers could be just for you. Our qualified native-speaking French teachers can come to your home or workplace at a time to suit you, and can train groups as well as 1-to-1 sessions. All study materials are provided, and the course can be personalised to your specifications, depending on your needs.

French Facts

French writing System: Latin alphabet with diacritic marks
Famous French Singers: Chantal Goya, Edith Piaf
Famous French Movies: Amélie
How many French Internet users are?: 59,779,525
How do I say Hello in French: Bonjour

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