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There are few people who couldn't find an exciting use in their lives for German skills. Of course, wanting to learn something and actually doing it are two completely different things. The good news is that this is where we come in. We can offer you fully qualified, native German speakers as your teachers. If you add in the almost total flexibility we offer when arranging your classes it is clear that you will never have a better opportunity to learn a fantastic skill in a way that suits you.

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German Course in Bury

The tailor made classes we offer in German can help you personally or professionally, as the lessons are designed with your specific requirements in mind.

While a General German course will provide you with enough linguistic ammunition to allow you to survive a short visit to the country (greetings, basic conversation and a solid grammatical foundation). The business element of our German Business courses is important for a lot of our clients who plan to work in a German speaking country.

Most students will enjoy a course which gives them a wide mix of skills. For example, a Business course in German will also leave you well prepared for less formal use of the language as well. A good example of how a General course can be adapted to personal needs might be for a client who intends to buy a property overseas and wants to learn all the words which they can on the subject.

The Business level classes we offer attract a wide variety of students from different backgrounds. What they all have in common is a desire to give their career a boost and expand their horizons. You might automatically think that General courses in German are just for those language students who need to get ready for an exam. However, in this increasingly multi-cultural society there are many people who make friends with German speakers or who have a partner who speaks the language.

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Info about German

If you need to learn German for academic or business purposes, or for any other reason, then the course offered by Language Trainers could be tailor-made for you. We dispatch to your home or place of work a native-speaking German teacher, qualified to teach both individuals and groups, who will provide all necessary study guides for you. With the convenience of our tutors visiting you combined with the personal adaptability of the course, your language skills will benefit greatly.

German Facts

How many words has German: 130,000
German writing System: Latin alphabet + Umlaut (ä,ö,ü) + Eszett (ß)
Famous German writers: Herman Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka
How do I say Thank you in German: Danke
Languages that influenced German: Latin, Greek, French, English

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