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Our fully-qualified, native-speaking trainers are keen to share their knowledge of German, and will tailor a language course to suit your specific requirements and interests. If you are an individual, a pair, or a small group, your trainer will cover relevant subjects with appropriate materials for either general or business learning. Classes can be conducted in your own office or home, during the day or evening, and on weekends or during the week.

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German Course in Bury

The tailor made classes we offer in German can help you personally or professionally, as the lessons are designed with your specific requirements in mind.

A General German course will concentrate on providing you with the knowledge you need in order for your trips abroad to be more interesting. You will no longer need to shy away from conversations with the locals. On the other hand, the Business German lessons offered by us are more useful for anyone who needs to be able to speak German for work purposes. It could be the boost your career needs.

Our German courses would not be fixed to a specific curriculum, however. You know the specifics of what you will need from your new language, and all you need do is tell your teacher. Perhaps if you are taking a Business course, you may want to focus more on German telephone or email skills, or a specific vocabulary for your line of work. Likewise, a General course can include specific elements that are integral to your needs, for example if you need vocabulary specific to buying property overseas.

Typical Business course students include those in international import/export, those hoping to gain acquisitions in foreign countries, those within multinational corporations, and people who do business with foreign institutions and governments. The challenge of learning German is one of the reasons why students are attracted to our General courses. We all have our own reasons for learning German and the lessons can be adapted to cater to each individual.

You have the option to participate in a free language consultation before your course begins. This short consultation, usually over the phone, will reveal the work situations you will find yourself in and the terminology you will need to know in order for us to better design your course. This information, in addition to details regarding your preferred methods of learning, will be used to understand your specific requirements, work demands, and the language goals you wish to achieve from your course.

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Info about German

Compared with English, German has relatively few irregularities in its construction and daily usage. If you need to learn German quickly and proficiently, Language Trainers can provide you with a native-speaking qualified German teacher to visit you at your home or workplace at a time convenient to you. All course materials will be provided for you, and groups of students can also be tutored. With the adaptability of the course allowing you to get the maximum from your learning, you'll be speaking German confidently in no time.

German Facts

Famous German Singers: Nena, Sarah Connor, Yvonne Catterfeld
Country with most German as a native language speaker: Germany
Famous German Books: Siddhartha, Demian, Perfume
How do I say Hello in German: Hallo
Famous German writers: Herman Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka

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