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With Language Trainers you can study the Spanish language in a professional and flexible way. For a start, all of our teachers are native speakers and will give you the classes you need to start gaining confidence in your new language. Secondly, the lessons can be arranged in the way which best suits you, so weekday or weekends, at your office or home and in one-to-one or small group classes are just some of the options open to you.

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Spanish Course in London

Our language classes will reflect your Spanish needs and will give you the skills and confidence you want, regardless of how you plan to use your Spanish knowledge in the future.

General and Business courses in Spanish differ in style and content: a General course will concentrate on developing confident conversational skills, making short visits to the country less of an exercise in frustration and more about building upon the foundations to your own ends. Business courses are great for those whose career will be moving overseas - you would learn the fundamental protocols for engaging in business in Spanish, and later would start to focus more on the integral skills of reading and writing.

Most students will enjoy a course which gives them a wide mix of skills. For example, a Business course in Spanish will also leave you well prepared for less formal use of the language as well. A General course can also be adapted to let you learn what is of most importance to you.

We arrange Business courses for many clients; primarily those working in international trade, overseas governments and universities, and employees of multinational firms who require a second language. General courses are not simply for those who need to reach a certain level of Spanish for an exam - they are perfect for those wishing to pack up and move abroad, those marrying a Spanish national, as well as those travelling to the country for any other reason.

You have the option to participate in a free language consultation before your course begins. This short consultation, usually over the phone, will reveal the work situations you will find yourself in and the terminology you will need to know in order for us to better design your course. This information, in addition to details regarding your preferred methods of learning, will be used to understand your specific requirements, work demands, and the language goals you wish to achieve from your course.

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Severn Trent Water Purification
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
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I am very satisfied with my lessons. Mar’s teaching style suits me very well and I am still finding them very enjoyable, though challenging.

Phil Moore shareholder relations at Santander, Banco Santander, taking Spanish classes in London
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Info about Spanish

Spanish is the most popular Romance language in the world, spoken not only in Spain but throughout South America. If you're travelling to a Spanish-speaking country, whether for business, academic or personal reasons, and you need to learn Spanish quickly but capably, you need look no further than the courses made available to you by Language Trainers. Our native-speaking Spanish teachers are qualified to teach not only one-on-one sessions, but groups too. All course materials are provided, sessions are arranged for a time and place to suit you, and your lessons can be customised so you learn what you will find useful once you're out there.

Spanish Facts

Number of Americans who speak Spanish: 34,547,077
Famous Spanish writers: Jorge L. Borges, Victor Jara, Pablo Neruda, Ruben Dario
How do I say Thank you in Spanish: Gracias
How do I say Good bye in Spanish: Chau / Adios
Country with most Spanish as a native language speaker: Mexico, 98.5%

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