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Spanish Lessons in Wirral. Learn Spanish

If you want to take Spanish lessons for business or personal reasons then we can give you what you need; a professional native speaking teacher and an approach which allows you to make the decisions. This means that you will soon be making great strides in your progress and dreaming of the day when you will be fluent in Spanish.

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Spanish Course in Wirral

Once you start taking our classes you will soon begin to feel your confidence in Spanish grow. This is because they will be focussed on your requirements and expectations.

General Spanish courses will let you engage in polite and interesting conversations with native Spanish speakers. They are ideal for preparing you for short visits to countries where Spanish is spoken. A Business course in Spanish will generally cover basic business etiquette in that language, and at a higher level, reading and writing in Spanish.

Our Spanish courses would not be fixed to a specific curriculum, however. You know the specifics of what you will need from your new language, and all you need do is tell your teacher. Perhaps if you are taking a Business course, you may want to focus more on Spanish telephone or email skills, or a specific vocabulary for your line of work. In the same way, those taking a General course who may need more knowledge of a certain aspect of Spanish need only request it from their teacher.

There are many reasons for choosing one of our Business courses. You might work in import-export, for example, or be sizing up the possibility of going abroad to further your career. You might automatically think that General courses in Spanish are just for those language students who need to get ready for an exam. However, in this increasingly multi-cultural society there are many people who make friends with Spanish speakers or who have a partner who speaks the language.

You have the option to participate in a free language consultation before your course begins. This short consultation, usually over the phone, will reveal the work situations you will find yourself in and the terminology you will need to know in order for us to better design your course. This information, in addition to details regarding your preferred methods of learning, will be used to understand your specific requirements, work demands, and the language goals you wish to achieve from your course.

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Joe, our tutor, is fantastic! I'm very happy.

Alan Firth Managing Director, Meridian Care, taking Spanish classes in Oldham
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Info about Spanish

Spanish is the most popular Romance language in the world, spoken not only in Spain but throughout South America. If you're travelling to a Spanish-speaking country, whether for business, academic or personal reasons, and you need to learn Spanish quickly but capably, you need look no further than the courses made available to you by Language Trainers. Our native-speaking Spanish teachers are qualified to teach not only one-on-one sessions, but groups too. All course materials are provided, sessions are arranged for a time and place to suit you, and your lessons can be customised so you learn what you will find useful once you're out there.

Spanish Facts

How many Spanish Internet users are?: 153,309,074
Country with most Spanish as a native language speaker: Mexico, 98.5%
Number of Australians who speak Spanish: 104,000
Number of Canadians who speak Spanish: 400,000
Languages that influenced Spanish: Arabic, Latin, Germanic, American Indigenous, Philippine, Nahuatl

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