100 most commonly used words in English

Often people don’t think too much about the commonest words in their own language.  Prepositions and pronouns are just there, do their jobs, and don’t get in our way very much.  I just did this quiz on Sporcle, and sadly only got 65% of the most common English words.  It was surprisingly difficult to think of the words that fit in between all the content words in everyday life.  I’d gotten up to 50 or so before I remembered ‘and’!

Have a go at the test and see if you can do better than me!  I’m sure it won’t be difficult, as I’m a bit embarrassed by my result.  If you are an English learner, it might even be easier for you!  If you are a native English speaker, after you finish the test, see how many of the equivalent words you know in your target language.

Good luck!