Married in a brothel

estilo-de-dibujos-animados--elementos-de-la-boda-04---vector-de-material_15-14467Some words must remain a mystery to all except native speakers. You would have to live in these places for quite a while to understand how to use correctly some of the following, which in their simply translated definitions contain what seem to us contradictory meanings:

 Hay kulu (Zrma, Nigeria) anything, nothing and also everything

 Irpadake (Tulu, India) ripe and un ripe

 Sitoshnna (Tulu, India) cold and hot

 Merripen (Romani, Gypsy) life and death

 Gift (Norwegian) poison and married

 Magazinschik (Russian) a shopkeeper and a shoplifter

 Danh t (Vietnamese) a church and a brothel

 Aloha (Hawaiian) hello and goodbye (the word has many other meanings including love, compassion, welcome and good wishes)

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