Jersey Shore cast learning Italian for upcoming season

The cast of reality TV show Jersey Shore doesn’t really have a reputation for being particularly scholarly, but some of the cast members are ensuring that they will be able to speak some Italian for the upcoming season. The fourth season will be filmed in Florence, where apparently officials aren’t exactly welcoming them with open arms (too much chaos in the first three seasons).

Some of the cast members have Italian backgrounds, but none of them speak the language. In order to be able to “know how to order grilled chicken”, cast members have requested that they be furnished with copies of popular computer course Rosetta Stone for Italian.

No matter what the reason, I do admire these people for really wanting to start learning. It makes them rise in my esteem just a little bit. Now, if any of you are Jersey Shore viewers, you’ll have to let me know how their language skills seem in the next season!

Full article: NY Daily News.

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