Finger spelling

Exciting to see this on the BBC website this week! Hot Fingers is a BSL finger spelling competition; the main aim of which (other than fundraising!) is to set the fastest time spelling out words with your hands.

Finger spelling is a method of communicating the alphabet using hand movements. It’s used primarily to spell out names, as well as words which don’t have a sign, or words you don’t know the sign for! It’s pretty time consuming so you wouldn’t be able to hold a full conversation using just finger spelling!  Other sign languages spell the alphabet using just one hand, but in British Sign Language, we use both hands.

As the most basic form of sign language, it is also a great way to introduce yourself to British Sign Language. I learned this when I was very young, and the best tip I can give is to learn the vowels first. Why that’s the easiest thing to learn will become clear when you look at the guide below!

BSL fingerspelling chart

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