300 posts on Language Trainers UK Blog

OEDIt really doesn’t feel like it, but I’ve just noticed that my last post was the 300th one on this blog (and I guess it could have been more positive, but oh well). Not that the quantity should make a big difference, but I do like nice round numbers. Of course, this post makes 301, so now I have to wait until I’ve done 99 more.

In the meantime, did you know that the OED does quarterly updates of their online dictionary? I didn’t. The most recent (and 34th) update was on the 16th of September, and it included a review of the words from rod to rotness, as well as the addition of some miscellaneous words from around the alphabet.

Some of my favourite added words are borek (a delicious Turkish pastry), eggcorn (a misheard word), goji (a type of berry), and parkour (that crazy thing some people do where they try to get from one place to another in the most difficult way possible. Also added was the now ubiquitous iPod.

Wishing you many new, exciting words, and language goals achieved!