A dance / grammar interlude

Are you sick of reading comments on the internet that you need to take time out to translate, only to find out that it wasn’t worth it in the first place? Me too!

Sister Salad have done a great cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic Baby Got Back, entitled Yo Comments Are Whack. I think it should be Yo’ Comments Are Whack, but that’s neither here nor there.

An excerpt:

We’re tired of starin’ at the screen,
Tryin’ to figure out what you mean.
Take a couple seconds to end your sentence,
So you won’t sound thirteen.
So haters! (Yeah) Haters! (Yeah!)
Do your comments need translators? (Yeah!)
Then punctuate. Capitalize.
It makes a difference, guys!
Yo comments are whack.

I enjoyed it. I hope you do, too.