A festival for the world’s rarest languages (and Welsh is included!)

museo-smithsonian_19-111392Did you know there’s a festival for the world’s rarest languages? Neither did I!

This festival is called the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and it’s held in Washington D.C. This year’s events begin on Wednesday 26th June, and there are three programs; ‘Hungarian Heritage,’ ‘ One World Many Voices,’ and ‘Will to Adorn.’ It’s a pretty diverse event, with music, dance, performance, crafts, poetry, food, and much more planned, including the chance to try other languages. The program we are most drawn to here of course is ‘One World Many Voices,’ which “highlights language diversity as a vital part of our human heritage.”

People from around the world have been invited to share their language and culture with visitors to the free event. You could experience some Kichwa (South American language spoken in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia) music and dance, learn about Tuvan (Siberian language) ceremonies and culture, or hear some Kalmyk poetry. See  the full schedule here.