Hints and Tips

Everybody has an individual learning style, but here are a few things that may help with retaining information and vocabulary while you are studying a new language:

  • Repeat the word aloud as you write it down – this will help reinforce in both auditory and visual memories.
  • Utilise flashcards and sticky notes – self-testing, playing games, placing around your study area, attaching to household items.
  • Place sticky notes a little bit higher than your eyeline.  Looking up activates your visual memory.
  • When memorising spelling, blink a lot while looking at the word (hold it up high, if possible!).  Each time you close your eyes, it registers once in your brain.  The more repetition, the stronger the memory.
  • Use an indexed notebook to make your own personal dictionary of terms and phrases.
  • Practise as often as you can!