I like this Alot more

alot2pngBeing a bit of a pedant, I have quite a few peeves when it comes to the English language.  I don’t really have any favourites, but this post on Hyperbole and a Half has given new meaning to pet peeve.  Allie, the brilliant author, has turned her despair at the common mistake alot (misspelling of ‘a lot’) into a wonderfully surreal alternative.  Every time she sees someone write alot, she imagines it to be a mythical animal by the name of Alot.  The image at left is entitled I care about this Alot.

I know that I’m going to be imagining this cute, furry animal whenever I see alot from now on.  There may need to be some creative rearranging of punctuation, but Alot is very versatile and should cover most situations.  Thanks, Alot, Allie!