Language class sizes: 1, 2, or more?

When choosing a language class, it is not only important to consider the teacher, the location, and the material.

It can be quite important to think not just about the content of your language classes, but who you will learn with.  For some, working on their own is the best option, and for others, classes are preferable.  Personally, I need external motivation, so small classes are better for me (personal tutors are too easy to postpone with!).  Everyone is different, though, so here are some things to think about when choosing a language program or class:

One-to-one – This option is best for people who have changeable schedules (as tutors are often able to match their timetables to yours), those who prefer working on their own, or students who have very particular learning goals.  Obviously this will be the least cost-efficient choice, but for many people, the one-to-one attention is exactly what they need to get their language learning moving along quickly.

Two-to-one – Working with a partner can be beneficial in many ways, provided that both people are of a similar level and have similar language aims. The tutor will be able to monitor your conversations, and students often feel less pressure when they are speaking with someone who is at the same level as them.  Having a partner provides motivation to learn and attend classes.  Both students get a lot of individual attention, and there is someone to talk to about the learning material.

Small group classes
– Small groups have similar benefits to two-to-one classes, with a little less individual attention, but often with a slightly lower price per person.  Again, everyone should be at the same language level, with similar needs, and, of course, be able to be in the same place at the same time.  For speaking purposes, it’s often good to have even numbers, although threesomes encourage students to have one-on-one time with their tutors as well as practicing dialogues with each other.

Large group classes
– Large groups are often the best option for people who have budget limitations, or for companies with teams who have the same goals.  I find in these situations that students have less face-to-face time with their tutors, but if they support each other, they can have a lot of success.

Of course, Language Trainers provides all of these options, and even provides online classes for groups and individuals.  Everybody has different preferences for learning, though, so please let us know what works best for you.