Learning a language: different approaches

I’ve talked about a few different approaches to learning languages, and not all of them are for everyone.  An interesting article on BootsnAll outlines ten different ways to go about learning a new language, and you may not have considered all of them.

One that caught my attention was to speak only your target language for a whole day.  It may not be for everyone, especially true beginners, but if you have been learning for a little while, give it a go!

Just for one day, instead of walking around talking in your own language, why not make yourself say everything in a foreign language whether you know how to say it or not. Sometimes it can be embarrassing to speak in a foreign language out loud if you’re not really confident about it, so talk to yourself when nobody’s around.

Just go about your day-to-day business whilst thinking or saying what you’re doing in your chosen language. Think of yourself as a narrator narrating what you are doing. Think a sentence through in your head and try to work out what it would be in that language and if you don’t know something, then go and look it up. If you don’t want to look like a weirdo, you don’t need to talk out loud, just think it in your head.

Source: BootsnAll Travel.

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