New Year’s language resolutions

New Year 2011Ah, the end of the year. The time for annual reflection and the making of promises that we probably won’t keep. Along with your the ever popular ‘eat better, exercise more, do more for others’ sorts of resolutions, what language learning goals will you set for yourself? If you keep them small (or progressive) and realistic*, there’s no reason that you won’t be able to tick at least some of them off your list in 2011.

During the last few months of this year, I have been taking my language classes, but not really been following them up. It feels like I don’t have enough time, and I am admittedly easily swayed when I am given an alternative to studying.

In 2011 I am aiming to find those extra few moments in my day and listen to my language audio (podcasts and recordings that my teacher does for me) instead of listening to music, other podcasts, or playing games. I know that I have nearly 2 hours of commute time a day, and plan to use it to review my lessons instead of taking the easy way to entertain myself (music, books, TV shows). Having the text in front of me will really help, too.

If you set your daily and weekly goals to something manageable (e.g. adding 5 new words to your word lists every day), then I think there’s a high chance of success. Getting into the habit is the hardest part, so start as soon as you can.

Good luck with your language and life goals in 2011!

*Don’t say ‘I will know how to read, write, and speak Arabic by this time next year’ if you haven’t even had your first class yet.