Obama arguably the most common word of 2008

I’m not 100% sure of the validity of their methods, but The Global Language Monitor has released the top words and phrases of 2008.

Somewhat predictably, even in world terms, American political buzzwords and phrases are pretty high up there. Apparently, if you add up all the Obama-related words (Obamamania, Obamanomics, etc.), they were used more often than top-spot word change and number two bailout.

Probably thanks to the internet and the general catchiness of it, Obama’s catchphrase “Yes we can” came in third place for phrases, following the runner-up “global warming”. Reading this article, however, was the first time I’d even seen the (apparently) number one phrase of the year, “financial tsunami”. Doesn’t that sound more like a tidal wave of money? A destructive wall of money? Or is it talking about liquidation? I’ve never understood high finance.