[sic] sense of humour

Ah, you have to love a bit of language-related humour. [sic] humor is a tumblog that allows the author to vent frustration arising  from the clearly terrible fiction she has to read at work.

Sure, writers may technically be using language correctly, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t put together some cringe-worthy word combinations. In many cases, though, they aren’t even close to getting the language right.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Awesome use of a colon:
“Hunter was wearing a track suit that featured: pants that could turn into shorts by unzipping the lining of the leg. A half an hour into the trip, he had done just that. He was wearing a cream colored golf shirt, and he wore Deck shoes without any socks.”

Sounds more like a snack:
“James hair was braided corn roll style.”

She understands entertainers:
“One of the sailors made a comment in German she didn’t understand and while his body was shielding her from the rest of the group, he squeezed one of her breast affectingly. A jester she did understand.”

Nobody talks back to him:
“Move out my way, bitch, you are the one who gave birth to this retorted boy.”

Aims for NSFW, but just ends up…puzzling:
“We started to put the pieces of our lovemaking puzzle together. Slowly and carefully placing the final part of our puzzle in place, my body arched as it accepted his part of the puzzle.”

Keep up the good fight, [sic] humor!