Why learning a second language is great for your career

Learning second languages is a great way to enhance your travel experiences, and gives you access to a wider range of media and literature. But being bilingual or multilingual can give you even more benefits than that, including ones related to your work. Not sure how? Here are some ways learning a second language can be great for your career.


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More employable

How many jobs advertised write things like ‘preferred but not essential’ next to additional languages besides English? Go take a look! The need for multiple languages will continue to grow as the U.K. attempts to arrange trade deals around the world. Whether that is a European language like French or German to continue some of the partnerships we already established as part of the E.U., with new clients in South American speaking mostly Spanish, or forging links with companies speaking Mandarin in China, any second language could be a great enhancement to your career.


Get that raise!

Okay, so there are no guarantees, but having a second or multiple languages on your CV can be a great bargaining tool when negotiating a raise in your current position. You are more valuable, can aid your employer with reaching a wider range of customers, and can probably help if there are overseas markets your company is trying to break into. Ask!


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The world is your oyster!

Whatever job you do, learning a second language you can confidently do that job in means you have a range more opportunities than someone who is monolingual. You could work with a bilingual company, find yourself seconded overseas, or even embark on a new life working in another office in another country. Working in Aldershot, Lisburn, Tidworth, or any other city in the country and thinking about a change of scenery? A second language could entirely change your working circumstances and in doing so, your life!


Career change?

By studying a second language, maybe you will realise that studying isn’t so hard at all. What about that career change you’ve already dreamed about but didn’t think you could do it because of all the learning involved? What if while learning a second language you find out there is another career out there that is perfect for you? You won’t know until you study another language!


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Speaking of career changes, did you know the Department of Education has a scheme called Troops To Teachers, which aims to get veterans into teaching positions? The scheme offers a £40,000 tax-free bursary assisting veterans wanting to get into the classroom. With a constant need for teachers in a range of subjects, this could be a perfect opportunity for you. What about that language you learned in school and loved; could you brush up on it enough through studying and then teach it in our secondary schools? Whether you were based at North Luffenham, Worthy Down, or any other base around the country or world, the skills you learned while serving will be invaluable for teaching.



Okay, so this one is a bit of a long shot; we know not all employers value hard work. But if you are fortunate enough to work for a company that recognises its employees and their efforts, well. That you are taking the time to learn a language while you are working could prove you are a dedicated individual who should be put forward for that promotion, or who should be considered the next time a challenging opportunity arises. 


All the other hidden skills

The thing about learning a language is that you are learning all sorts of other things while you learn that language. Study a language while working full time? It’s safe to say your time management skills are excellent. Using a range of sources to study with, everything from newspapers to language training apps? You are adaptable, think on your feet, well-versed in the latest technology, and can multitask like no other! Go to a language exchange, or Skype with people around the world in a second language? Your communication skills and ability to hold conversations over technology, as well as your overall confidence must be pretty good! In short, however you choose to study, and whatever language you are learning, there are a range of transferrable skills you are picking up without even really trying.

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