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With Language Trainers you can study the Italian language in a professional and flexible way. For a start, all of our teachers are native speakers and will give you the classes you need to start gaining confidence in your new language. Secondly, the lessons can be arranged in the way which best suits you, so weekday or weekends, at your office or home and in one-to-one or small group classes are just some of the options open to you.

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Italian Course in Liverpool

It doesn't matter if you want to learn Italian for business or pleasure - our customised language courses will help you get where you want to be.

General Italian courses will cover Survival Italian, allowing you to be comfortable during short visits to the country; polite conversation, practicable vocabulary and a strong grammatical foundation. After your Italian Business course you will feel confident about reading and writing work emails as well as speaking to foreign colleagues and clients.

The flexible nature of our courses means that you can choose what you want to be taught. This means that you aren't restricted simply to Business or General courses but can go for something which will genuinely give you what you need. A good example of how a General course can be adapted to personal needs might be for a client who intends to buy a property overseas and wants to learn all the words which they can on the subject.

We arrange Business courses for many clients; primarily those working in international trade, overseas governments and universities, and employees of multinational firms who require a second language. General courses in Italian suit those hoping to emigrate to foreign shores, people with a view to travel to countries where Italian is the vernacular tongue, those with a keen interest in Italian culture and language, and people with foreign spouses.

You have the option to participate in a free language consultation before your course begins. This short consultation, usually over the phone, will reveal the work situations you will find yourself in and the terminology you will need to know in order for us to better design your course. This information, in addition to details regarding your preferred methods of learning, will be used to understand your specific requirements, work demands, and the language goals you wish to achieve from your course.

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Royal Opera House
Gucci Group
HUSCO International Ltd

Elena the trainer was able to adapt the sessions to meet all my needs and also made the lessons fun so that I always looked forward to her visits.

Rita Cook Taking Italian classes in Warrington
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Info about Italian

Italian is a popular language throughout the world, with over 120 million speakers, 60 million of whom are native level. There are many reasons to learn Italian, and Language Trainers caters for all of them - our qualified native Italian language trainers can come to your home or workplace and train you, or if required, you and your group. They will give you any relevant study materials, and the curriculum is designed around your own requirements from learning Italian.

Italian Facts

How do I say Thank you in Italian: Grazie
How many people in the world speak Italian: 60,000,000
Country with most Italian as a native language speaker: Italy
Famous Italian Movies: Nuovo cinema Paradiso (New Paradise Cinema), La Strada (The Road)
Famous Italian writers: Umberto Eco, Italo Calvino, Niccolò Machiavelli

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