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There are few people who couldn't find an exciting use in their lives for Spanish skills. Of course, wanting to learn something and actually doing it are two completely different things. The good news is that this is where we come in. We can offer you fully qualified, native Spanish speakers as your teachers. If you add in the almost total flexibility we offer when arranging your classes it is clear that you will never have a better opportunity to learn a fantastic skill in a way that suits you.

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Spanish Course in Wirral

If you want to be taught Spanish for academic reasons, business needs or gain a working knowledge of the language for general purposes, our tailormade lessons are guaranteed to be the ideal solution.

General Spanish courses will ensure that you have the grammar and vocabulary needed to take a comfortable and enjoyable trip abroad in which you are able to speak to Spanish speakers without fear. You will learn the all important business etiquette as part of our Business Spanish courses. This is essential to avoid making costly or embarrassing mistakes on work trips abroad.

What you shouldn't forget is that the lessons will be planned around what you ask for. If you want Spanish email and telephone skills then these will be covered in your personal curriculum regardless of whether you are learning for business purposes or personal ones. A General course can also be adapted to let you learn what is of most importance to you.

We have a wide range of Business course clients for a variety of needs; including people who are off to work for a foreign administration, people working in a corporation with overseas headquarters, and import/export specialists. You might automatically think that General courses in Spanish are just for those language students who need to get ready for an exam. However, in this increasingly multi-cultural society there are many people who make friends with Spanish speakers or who have a partner who speaks the language.

You have the option to participate in a free language consultation before your course begins. This short consultation, usually over the phone, will reveal the work situations you will find yourself in and the terminology you will need to know in order for us to better design your course. This information, in addition to details regarding your preferred methods of learning, will be used to understand your specific requirements, work demands, and the language goals you wish to achieve from your course.

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I have had great feedback from the class; they all really enjoyed the lesson and said that the teacher was great!

Keiley Yates HR, Goodman Masson, taking Spanish classes in London
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Info about Spanish

As a phonetic language, you need only be proficient in one component (speaking, listening, reading or writing) to be able to do the 3 other aspects to a decent degree. Sounds simple? Language Trainers make it even simpler: our native-speaking qualified Spanish teachers can coach you at your home or office, at a time to suit you, and can teach groups as well as one-on-one tuition. All learning resources are provided, and the course can be tailored to your own requirements.

Spanish Facts

Famous Spanish Singers: Joaquin Sabina, Silvio Rodriguez, Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra
How many people in the world speak Spanish: 400,000,000 as first language
Famous Spanish Movies: Todo sobre mi madre (All about my mother), El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)
Spanish writing System: Latin alphabet (Spanish variant)
Number of Canadians who speak Spanish: 400,000

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