Hungry in Hungary

Hungarian dinnerI didn’t know much about Hungarian food before I arrived in Budapest – just that there was goulash and sausages to be eaten in large amounts.  On the way from the airport, my friend briefed me on a few words – hello (szia, pronounced a bit like ‘see ya’), thank you (köszi), and a few other words which I forgot embarrassingly quickly.

Once we’d arrived at the markets, I learned quickly that paprika is very important in Hungarian cuisine.  You can even buy it in strings as a souvenir.  Sour cream and sausages are also used a lot, which was good news for me.

After a few meals I got a bit more familiar with the Hungarian words for food items, and quickly worked out which ones I liked (which was basically all of them).  Here are a few:

gulyas – goulash, meat stew or soup
kolbász – spicy sausage
gombóc/Knödelbread or potato dumpling, often boiled
szendvic – sandwich
torta – cake
palacsintak – thin pancakes, like French crepes, served sweet or savoury

Because all of these things were pretty delicious foods, and/or memorable words, I didn’t have much trouble learning them so I could ask for them again.  If only all words had such motivational properties!