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Online Language Classes


Study languages on your computer or mobile with our online classes

Our type of courses

Above all else, we believe language learning should be convenient, which is why we offer online classes with native-speaking, qualified teachers using the very best free web-conferencing platforms, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom or your software of choice.

Our online language courses are the perfect choice for learners who require flexibility. Learn from home or on the go, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and enjoy a more adaptable schedule. All you need to get started is a stable internet connection and the will to achieve your language goals.

You will still receive the same Language Trainers quality guarantee. Our online tutors are experienced professionals who teach just as effectively remotely as they do in face-to-face classes. Study alone or in small groups and enjoy lesson plans and digital resources selected and adjusted to suit your specific language objectives.

Send us an enquiry and tell us the language you want to learn, your reasons or expectations for studying it, your location, and if you want to learn in one-to-one or group lessons. We will begin contacting the professional tutors in your time zone who match your requirements.

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We also offer online closed group sessions for groups that go between 2 and 8 students.
All of the participants need to have a similar proficiency level to ensure nobody is left behind or feels bored in class.
If the levels are too different, we suggest splitting the group into smaller ones.
If you are not sure about your current level, don't worry: our Academic Department will assess yours before starting with the course. This service is free of charge. Get started with your group course!
Reach out to us and we will provide you with an exact quote, considering your needs and requirements.


N.B.: The above-listed prices are for our most common language courses (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). Prices for other language courses may be slightly different.
£32.50 /HOUR


£29 /HOUR


£24 /HOUR


£22 /HOUR



EXTRA STUDENT (2 or more): £5 / HOUR

Testimonials from our students

“The French classes are so cool, the teacher is very enthusiastic and the classmates are cool too. The classes are well organized, we are moving fast and learning a lot.”

Leslie Moreno - French Online with Language Trainers Connect

“I am incredibly satisfied with the lessons. Everything is very well organized and thought out. I have no complaints.”

Ana Klicovak - German online with Language Trainers Connect

Why study languages online with Language Trainers?

  • Learn from home, at work or on the go
  • Individual or Closed Group Courses
  • Certified and native-speaking tutors
  • Lessons can be recorded to review later
  • Courses available for any language at any level
  • A study schedule that suits you, including availability in evenings and at weekends
  • Certificate available upon course completion
  • 60, 90 or 120-minute lessons
  • Bespoke syllabus according to your language ability and objectives
  • Late notice rescheduling available: only one business day's notice required



Would you like to study a language online with other like-minded learners from different parts of the world?

Check out our open group language lessons!

Our Trainers

All the language trainers we work with are qualified to teach their native language to individuals and groups of all ages and at all levels (from Beginners to Advanced speakers). Furthermore, our teachers are highly experienced at teaching language lessons online, making use of web-conferencing software and digital materials to create an effective virtual learning environment.
With our online language courses, the only geographical restriction is that your tutor and you are in comparable time zones. This gives our Academic Department even greater scope when it comes to finding you the perfect trainer for your specific learning objectives and scheduling needs.


Adaptive Timetable

Our classes are ideal for busy people who like to be able to plan their lessons just a few days in advance. As no-one needs to commute to a physical location, our teachers can be much more flexible about rescheduling appointments.

Technical Specifications and Assistance

You will not need to purchase any specialist equipment to begin your online language classes. Our web communication software is powered by Skype for one-to-one courses, but other options are available for group courses. So, simply connect to Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet or a similar web-conferencing platform using a computer, tablet or smartphone with a stable internet connection and a camera to begin speaking with your tutor as though you are in the same room as each other. Also, we recommend using a microphone or headset for improved sound quality, but this is optional.

If you need help configuring or testing any of your equipment, just let us know. Our in-house technical team would be more than happy to help ensure you are set up and ready before your first scheduled lesson.

Ongoing Evaluation & Refinement

Your tutor and course coordinator will always welcome your comments and feedback throughout the online course to ensure you are getting the best possible education. Similarly, your teacher will use their experience to adjust lesson plans and materials to keep each class interesting and engaging.
An additional advantage to our online language courses is that lessons will be recorded. This means you can review lessons later if you want to go over previously covered material again, or to catch up if you missed a group class.
This feature also enables teachers and our Academic Department to revisit lessons in more detail. So, teachers can concentrate more during the actual class, because they know they can watch the lessons back for anything they may have missed, and our Academic Team can offer input to help improve the course in real-time.


Fill in an enquiry form with your details, including the target language, your learning objectives, your current level (if you know it) and if you want a one-to-one or a closed group course.
To rearrange a scheduled lesson, please inform your course coordinator and tutor at least ONE working day before the class is due to take place. Failure to give the minimum notice is considered a "late cancellation" and the class will be officially recorded as having taken place. If you want to cancel your course, we will refund your money, minus the cost of any classes taken (calculated hourly) and a cancellation fee of £399 or €450.
No. You will use Skype, Zoom, Hangouts or a similar free-to-use web-conferencing program.
We recommend using a camera to help you and your teacher to build a more personal connection, but it is not essential. Regardless, your teacher will use a camera, so you can see them and any resources they wish to share.
Yes, we have a technical team who can assist you by answering any questions and help you test everything is working prior to your first class.
We recommend using a textbook to help guide your learning. If your teacher does not have a textbook in mind, we can recommend suitable options based on the language you are learning, your level, objectives and budget. However, purchasing a textbook is not a requirement and is outside of the scope of our online service. If you decide to buy a textbook, we are not responsible for it and will not refund your purchase for any reason.
No. The price we quote you is the full price you will pay.
We have FREE Language Level Tests and Listening Tests on our website. If we do not have tests for the language you want to learn, send us an enquiry to let us know. We will help to arrange a test for you, so you can determine your current proficiency.
Every course is tailored to your unique needs, abilities and goals, but if you are having trouble narrowing down what you want from your lessons, the following structures describe what you can expect to learn in each one:
General Courses: acquire vocabulary, expressions, language rules and pronunciation for general communication. Business Courses: learn language skills specific to your workplace/industry/career, including role-playing typical scenarios, such as telephone calls, interviews and presentations.
Specific-Purpose Courses: perfect for learners with unique requirements or advanced learners who want to hone their skills on a specific subject.
Discuss the issue with your teacher in the first instance and ask them to adjust the material as needed. If the problem persists, raise it with your course coordinator.
Yes, although we will first encourage you to discuss what is bothering you with your course coordinator. If we cannot resolve the issue, we will find a replacement tutor more to your liking.
Our tutors have a minimum of two years' teaching experience and either a teaching qualification or a university degree for the language they teach. Also, each trainer is a native speaker of the language they teach.
We believe that immersive learning is the best way to learn a language quickly, so we ask our clients, even complete beginners, to expect to use as much of the target language in their lessons as possible.
That being said, many of our teachers speak English and are multilingual. If you desire a tutor who can speak your native language, then let us know when enquiring about your course.
Generally, no. If you learn best by writing things down by hand, then you might want to bring a pen and notepad. However, all lessons are recorded for you to revisit later. Your teacher will organise the lesson resources and will either send them to you shortly before or during a lesson. Your tutor will not ask you to buy anything for your lessons. If they do and you are not sure if you should, then consult your couse coordinator.
Yes. Sometimes this will amount to finishing exercises that could not be completed during a lesson and other times it will be additional tasks, but language learning requires consistent practise. When your teacher does not assign homework, we recommend performing self-study.
Yes, we can invoice a sponsor instead. Let us know who we should contact and how when you book your course, so we can organise the particulars with them. This will need to be agreed and established before we can confirm the course booking.
Yes, your tutor will send this to you in your last lesson of the course.
Read our full FAQ or send us an enquiry and someone will respond within ONE business day.