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In-Company Language Classes for Public
and Private Organisations of All Sizes

At Language Trainers, we specialise in preparing personalised courses so you can learn any language, anywhere you are. We partner with the most professional, native-speaking tutors who will train your employees at your offices at the time that suits you best. No matter where in the you are located in the UK or Ireland, we will come to you. Other options for your employees include studying at their homes (face-to-face) or online (for groups of up to 8 people).

Our clients include

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Business Private Classes

Our Private Classes are an ideal choice for learners who want to advance quickly and with a syllabus that adapts to their needs and learning style. Plus, this type of lesson is flexible so students can cancel or reschedule with only 2 business days’ notice.

Business Group Classes

Our Group Classes cater for between two and fifteen learners (although the ideal number of people is around 8, so everybody can get the attention and feedback they deserve). To ensure the lessons run smoothly, all the participants should have approximately the same proficiency level. Otherwise, we suggest splitting the group into two or more smaller ones.

Custom-made Language Level Test

If you are not sure about your employees’ current language skills, we will create an online level test for your company. Our Academic Department will review the results and will make recommendations for group and/or individual lessons to be carried out. This service is free of charge and you will not be under any obligation to continue with the process if you decide to hire another language provider.

Ask us about a personalised level assessment for your organisation.

Make-up classes

We offer several options in case the learner needs to be absent from a group lesson. First, we can arrange make-up classes billed at the end of the course so the student does not fall behind. Another option is to notify the teacher in advance so they can record the lesson for future review (online classes only). Lastly (and in case your employee is absent because of a trip, for example), we can arrange online lessons they can take from anywhere.

Loyalty Rates

We offer Loyalty rates for companies taking at least 3 courses, no matter the type or location. We can discuss them after you send us an enquiry. Please note that our courses can suit any linguistic need your team may have, from survival lessons to language classes for travel or international communication within your organisation. Some topics may include giving a presentation, writing a formal e-mail, communicating by phone, managing negotiations and dining etiquette with overseas clients and suppliers.

Testimonials from our students

Personalised Courses

Our tutors prepare lessons thoroughly and design a completely tailor-made curriculum for individuals or groups to make sure they attain their goals in the most effortless way possible. This will be done after a detailed needs assessment made at the beginning of the course. In case you have any suggestions, please communicate them to the trainer so they can take them into account when preparing the syllabus. We partner with experienced and native tutors who have been teaching their native tongue to students of different backgrounds for years. This means they can adapt engaging materials to your employees’ level and needs while making even the most complex topics simple and entertaining. Before starting the course, we will send you your teacher’s profile so you get to know them and understand their qualifications and experience.

Monitor employees’ progress

In addition to excellent lessons with world-class instructors, we offer a Client Control Centre for managers, where you will be able to monitor your employees’ progress, attendance and performance results in real-time.

Please see our Global Client List to see which organizations we have taught in which cities and by industry sector. You can also view hundreds of Client Testimonials and dozens of Case Studies to see the excellent feedback our clients are constantly giving us. We can also send you client references you can personally contact; these are from world-class organizations who have booked multiple courses over many years for their employees, often for different languages in different locations.

To find more about the best method of language learning for your staff and to set up your own, no-commitment, language level tests for your organization, please contact us here.

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Client Case Studies

“Language Trainers is very quick to respond to enquiries and keeps you up to date on when you will receive your lessons. This makes them a very easy company to deal with”

Katie Taylor, Learning Korean to get her dream job

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