The Best Foreign Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve

No matter where we come from or what are our religious beliefs, we can all agree on one thing: 2020 has been far from spectacular. That is why we are so happy to remind you that a new year is just around the corner.

While families around the world are still trying to decide how they are going to celebrate amidst an ongoing pandemic, there is one thing that will stay the same: New Year’s Eve films. Now more than ever, watching TV and discussing what you see with your family on social media is a fun and safe way to stay together. That is why we have compiled a list of the best New Year’s Eve films to watch this season.

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

Camille redouble (Camille Returns) – French

Camille is 40 years old and depressed. On New Year’s Eve, she visits a watchmaker who can help her get her wedding ring off. But she brings something else with her: a broken watch that her parents had given her when she turned 16. That evening, she meets her friends to celebrate the New Year, only to find that she has gone back in time. Now that she has the chance to change her life, what will she do?

This is a great film to watch around New Year because it has that lively, magical feel that we associate with the holiday season. Besides, it’s available in its original language, which means you get to practise your French. As can be expected, the story revolves around the notion of transformation, and how the past influences our future. As a result, you will get to hear lots of expressions related to time.

No controles (Lose Control) – Spanish

Directed by Borja Cobeaga, this film is about a man named Sergio, whose end-of-year could not be worse. It is New Year’s Eve, there is a blizzard outside, and all flights are cancelled. And yet, this is his last chance to get his girlfriend back before she moves to Germany. To help him in this seemingly impossible quest, he will have to trust a group of bizarre people that includes an aspiring comedian and a lonely hotel clerk.

A hilarious but touching comedy, this New Year’s Eve movie is the perfect choice for families looking for a good laugh. What is more, it is a great opportunity to improve your Spanish. As most of the scenes show young people in everyday situations, you will get to learn lots of informal expressions. So, if you want to know how Spanish people use phrases like “A tope”, “¿De qué vas?”, o “Acojonante”, gather your family (on Zoom!) and stream this great Spanish comedy.

Ironiya sudby, ili S legkim parom! (Irony of Fate) – Russian

A group of friends has a very special tradition. They always celebrate New Year’s Eve by going to a public bathing house. Incidentally, this night there has been so much beer and vodka that the night takes an unexpected turn. An incredible story about a man who finds love on a special night, this is one of Russia’s most popular holiday films.

Although this is a story that can be enjoyed by anyone, Russian enthusiasts will find it especially compelling, as it provided a rare opportunity to watch a holiday film spoken in this resonant language. Also, if you like to learn languages through music, make sure you check out the theme song, a melancholy, poetic ballad that you can sing along to with your friends.


The Holiday – English

This is the story of Iris and Amanda, two heart-broken women who desperately need a change in their lives. One day around Christmas, they get in touch on a house-swapping platform and they decide to give it a try. Amanda, an American trailer-maker, travels to Surrey. Iris, a British journalist, sets off to LA. Will they find what they are looking for, or will they be back home by New Year’s Eve?

Like Love Actually or Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Holiday is a modern holiday classic. For English learners, in particular, it provides a wonderful opportunity, as the two storylines in the film are spoken in the two most popular varieties of the language in the world: British and American. Advanced learners will delight in spotting the phonetic differences in the accents of Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz while revising lots of vocabulary about holidays and human relationships.

Which of these movies about New Year’s Eve will you watch first? No matter what your choice is, remember that it is always better to watch films in their original language. That way, you get to learn something new while you enjoy a great story.

And if these New Year’s Eve movies make you want to learn a new language in 2021, explore our online language courses with native-speaking tutors and tailor-made curricula.