Yes we can

The fourth of November was historical, not just for the USA, but for large parts of the world.  Many outsiders sat with crossed fingers, willing the message of hope and change to get through to the American voting public.  For far too long, a Republican administration had destroyed international relations and ensured travelling Americans a frosty welcome in many places around the globe.

Barack Obama’s call to action was composed of three of the simplest words in the English language, but somehow conveyed optimism, positivity, community, and hope for the future.

Yes we can.

I have no doubt that his words will go down in history, like those of Kennedy and Lincoln.  I’m not usually one to get political (and it won’t become a habit), but I continue to be fascinated by the fact that three little syllables managed to move millions, spark imagination, and spur action that has already changed the future.  I hope that it continues.