Countdown rules out student’s slang submission

countdownIn what would have made excellent TV viewing (in my mind, at least), Channel 4 has ruled out the use of a weak expletive on popular word game show Countdown. When presented with the letters DTCEIASH and F, 18 year old Cambridge University student Jack Hurst came up with the longest word he could: shitface.

Despite the support of Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent (who “told presenter Jeff Stelling the term, slang for “rude or obnoxious person” or “drunk person”, would have been acceptable.”), Channel 4 bigwigs ruled that the word was inappropriate for a daytime audience. The set of letters was cut from the show and a new set drawn.

From the Guardian:

At least Hurst, 18, can take comfort in his previous performances: the maths student won eight shows during his stint on the programme last month. He also achieved the highest ever total for the word “octochamp”, although it is likely to be his latest performance that will be most lauded by his fellow Cambridge students.

It was also noted that many people (including myself) wondered why he didn’t use that last D to make the word shitfaced.

Full article: Guardian.

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