Hints and tricks

This week I’ve learned a new trick to help with spelling and memorising whole sentences in Spanish. This will work with whichever language you’re learning, obviously you don’t have to be learning the same language as me to use it!

Write down a sentence you want to learn, maybe a line from a book you’re reading, and put it somewhere away from where you’re working. Pin it on the back of the front door, for example. (Probably best not on the fridge!) Read it over a couple of times and memorise it.

Then go back to where you were working and write it down. Compare it to the original version. If it’s not right, you’ll have to do it again. Trust me, a couple of times of walking back and forth is more than enough motivation to try your best!

This little trick not only fine tunes your spelling but is also a memory improvement technique. Good times all round!

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