5 Inexpensive Ways to Extend Your Travels

It is a common assumption that extended travel is only possible with an extremely large bank balance. Despite the fact that of course travel does cost money, there are many ways that the more avid travellers manage to extend the length of their travels without spending that much more money. There are ways to not only spend less money whilst travelling, but also to gain a richer, more unique and authentic experience of a place. Here are 5 inexpensive ways to extend your travels, and to enrich your experience.

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1. Work Away

Work Away focuses on a cultural exchange between locals and travellers. Travellers sign up to work anywhere in the world for a few hours a day in exchange for free food and accommodation. This is not only one of the best ways to experience living closely with the locals in the more ‘off the beaten track’ areas, but also a wonderful opportunity to get involved in work which you may not usually, such as farming, building a school or teaching a language. This is the perfect way to travel cheaply and stay for free, whilst making a difference to the communities you visit.

2. Remote Work

Many people avoid extended travel because they are unable to, or even afraid to not be working for an extended period of time. In today’s digital age, there are so many employment opportunities which require little more than a laptop and an internet connection. The millennial generation specifically has given rise to a whole community of digital nomads, working remotely or on a freelance basis whilst they travel the world. This way you are able to earn money and continue to enhance your career whilst simultaneously extending your travels.

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WWOOF is a worldwide movement which links volunteers with organic farmers and growers around the world. The objective is to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange, thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community. Experience living and working on an organic farm in some of the more remote areas of a country to extend your travels and experience a cultural exchange like none other.

4. Home Stays

In many of the smaller towns or villages around the world, home stays are more common to stay in rather than hostels and hotels. This is because there may not be enough public accommodation for the travellers visiting the areas, and gives the locals an opportunity to bring in some extra income by welcoming guests from all over the world into their family homes. More often than not, home stays have a cheaper nightly rate than local hostels or hotels. Home stays are one of the most inexpensive ways to experience more with those who call it home.

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5. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing  is quite similar to the concept of homestays, however one of the main differences is that you will usually find yourself staying with a like minded traveller from a specific country, in comparison to a home stay which would more often be with a local family. Another main difference is that couchsurfing is completely free, while home stays usually charge a board and lodging fee.

All of these options offer different experiences and may appeal to some more than others, but what is guaranteed with all of these options is that you will undoubtedly experience a richer and less costly travel for longer. One of the most profound benefits of all of these inexpensive ways of extending your travels, is that you are given the opportunity to engage more with the locals. This not only allows you to learn more about the local culture, but also increases your understanding of the local language. Which of these 5 options appeals to you the most?