Help remember which syllable to stress

italia-grunge-bandera_19-134226I live with two Italians, so am always hearing Italian spoken around the house. An Italian work colleague recently taught me how to say smettila (which is “stop it” – don’t ask.)

My housemate is always amused when I come home with a new Italian word or phrase – the last one was zucchero filato (candy floss) – as he knows that I usually pick up words I can’t use in everyday conversation.

When I told my housemate my new word, he laughed a lot (apparently it’s cute to hear Italian spoken with an English accent!) and then suggested I nod my head when pronouncing the first syllable, as I had previously put the stress on the wrong syllable. I found this helped!

Apparently this is a useful trick to helping remember which syllable to stress, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Is this a trick you already know? Which words does it help you to remember?