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Not everyone wants to learn Thai for the same reason so why should they learn in the same way? At Language Trainers we teach our students in the way which suits them. You can tailor your classes to give you the level of knowledge you need. More importantly, you don't need to put up with timetables and locations which don't suit you. Our clients decide themselves where and when they receive their classes.

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The fact that our language courses are tailor made for the students means that it doesn't matter what your reasons for learning Thai are.

A General course in Thai will leave you with the skills to go abroad and speak to the locals with confidence Business courses will centre more on formal, business communication, and focus more on reading and writing skills as you advance further.

Our Thai courses would not be fixed to a specific curriculum, however. You know the specifics of what you will need from your new language, and all you need do is tell your teacher. Perhaps if you are taking a Business course, you may want to focus more on Thai telephone or email skills, or a specific vocabulary for your line of work. A General course can also be adapted to let you learn what is of most importance to you.

Our Business courses cater to a range of requirements. Many of our clients work for foreign governments and educational institutions, corporations with branches abroad, as well as those who buy and sell around the world. Clients of our General Thai courses include people moving abroad, those entering a Thai family through marriage, those studying for a Thai exam, as well as those who are simply passionate about Thai language and culture.

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Severn Trent Water Purification
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The lessons have been fantastic and my teacher Regina was brilliant tailoring the course to exactly what I needed.

Bella Schelpe Analyst, Cantab Capital Partners LLP, taking German classes in Cambridge
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