5 Leisure Activities to Do When on Business in Singapore

A major financial center brimming with shopping centers, internationally-recognized restaurants, and excellent nightlife –Singapore has a lot to offer for both work and play. Whether you’re there for a week-long business trip or more permanent stay, you’ll want to know where to go for your days out of the office. Check out these 5 leisurely activities to enjoy while in the ‘Lion City.’

1. Haji Lane

Haji Lane is Singapore’s top destination for backpackers: with retro shops and some of Singapore’s tastiest restaurants, it’s no wonder it’s a top tourist attraction. Head to this section of the Muslim quarter before sunset to indulge in delicious Middle-Eastern food for dinner, then listen to the night’s call for prayer from the local—and breathtakingly gorgeous—mosque.

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2. Singapore Zoo

Voted the best zoo in the world, this animal reserve is designed for each animal to roam cage-free. Instead of cages, animals stay in spacious landscapes surrounded by concealed moats –but not to worry, the more dangerous species of the animal kingdom stay in glass-paned enclosures. An extra feature is the panda couple, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, added in 2012.


3. Pulau Ubin

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle in Pulau Ubin. A small island located a mere 15-minutes away, boats leave multiple times each day to take passengers over to this serene piece of property. While there, rent a bike to cycle through the jungle–the best way to see the island’s wildlife and scenery. Take note you may run into the occasional reptile or large spider, but just keep calm and let them carry on!

Photo by Berthold D.

Photo by Berthold D.

4. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Welcome to Singapore’s national landmark, The Botanic Gardens, featuring a tropical rainforest, orchid garden, and ginger garden, among other vegetation. The best part? The garden is free so you can come and explore as often as you’d like! Be aware Singapore’s temperatures soar to a balmy 98 degrees during the day, so make this an early morning or evening excursion.

Photo by Calvin Teo

Photo by Calvin Teo

5. Chinatown

About 75% of Singaporean residents are Chinese-Singaporean, mixing two beautiful cultures in one society. Visiting Chinatown, therefore, is a definite must! Experience Chinese culture in Singaporean society: you’ll find everything from traditional Chinese antique stores to tea and “Hot Pot” shops (restaurants with communal pots of broth where you’ll cook your own meats and vegetables). Set aside an entire afternoon to take it all in.

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Learn the local language before traveling to this culturally rich city-state. 75% of the population communicates in Mandarin, however Malay and Tamil have strong influence over the native dialect as well. Contact Language Trainers to learn more about class options, and check out our free online language level tests to see how good your language skills are!