Afghan Women’s Writing Project gives hope to aspiring authors

Having been an on and off blogger and generally outspoken person for many years, I can’t imagine the concept of having no right to free speech at all. Even though I’ve lived in countries where you have to keep a lid on your opinions to some extent (Turkey, China), I’ve never felt in danger of being reprimanded, hurt, or imprisoned.

So when I heard about the amazing Afghan Women’s Writing Project, I had to stop and think for a while. The project helps Afghan women write and publish pieces in English about their real lives and experiences. These women often have to publish work anonymously, and sometimes put their personal safety at risk by secretly accessing computers to submit their work for editing and publishing. They are helped directly and remotely by volunteer editors and mentors.

Some of the pieces of writing are general, and some are extremely personal. Writers have often hidden their participation from all of their friends and family.

To read more, have a look a the Highlights section of the AWWP site.