Apache cars

The Apache people of the USA name the parts of cars to correspond to parts of the body. The front bumper is daw, the chin of jaw; the front fender is wos, the shoulder; the rear fender is gun, the arm and hand; the chasis is chun, the back; the rear wheel is ke, the foot. The mouth is ze, the petrol-pipe opening. The nose is chee, the bonnet. The eyes are inda, the headlights. The forehead is ta, the roof.patron-tradicional-africana_73414 

The metaphorical naming continues inside. The car’s electrical wiring is tsaws, the veins. The battery is zik, the liver. The petrol tank is pit, the stomach. The radiator is jisoleh, the lung; and its hose, chih, the intestine. The distributor is jih, the heart.