Chinese name generator

mingzi.gifIf you’re studying Chinese, are interested in the culture, or just want a new name in a new language, check out the Chinese Name Generator.  It takes your name and interests and generates a name based on the sounds of your name.

I put in my details and got 王文寜 (wáng wén níng), with wáng meaning ‘king’, wén to do with language and culture, and níng meaning ‘serenity’.  Not bad, and kind of appropriate, especially for this blog!  If I hadn’t been given a Chinese name at birth, though, I think I would have called myself 问题 (wèn tí), which sounds kind of like my English name, and is also the noun ‘question’ (but also ‘problem’ and ‘trouble’!).

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check your proposed name with a native speaker.  As the site says:

This page is mostly created for entertainment. Real Chinese names should be chosen by someone who knows the nuances of Chinese language and culture. Ask a native speaker if you want a Chinese name you will actually use.

I’m pretty sure that Chinese people would find 问题 a ridiculous name, but I still enjoy the idea!  What’s your Chinese name?

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