Favourite snacks from around the world: France

If you’re studying French today and would like a little something to eat as you work, we hope that you have a cupboard filled with snacks! And since you are learning French, why not do so with a little immersion? In other words, why not make those snacks French ones, so you can do two things you love at the same time? Here are some of the favourite snacks you will find in France; which ones are demanding your attention?


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Tarte Tatin

Starting with something for those of us with a sweet tooth, the Tarte Tatin is essentially an upside down apple tart. Apples are caramelised in butter and sugar before the dish is baked to give the tart its unique flavour. Who wouldn’t want to tuck into a slice of this while studying? And while you are studying, you could do worse things than learning about the various histories behind the Tarte Tatin itself. Was it really created by two overworked sisters running the kitchens in Hôtel Tatin in the 1880s? You can practice a little French as you find out!


Quiche Lorraine

Yes! One of the most favourite of quiches did in fact originate from the Lorraine region of France! This savoury dish consists of a pastry crust that is filled with eggs and either milk or cream, along with cheese and a choice of meat, seafood or vegetables; although the original recipe called for bacon, and the crust was more like a brioche pastry than its current one. The word quiche has its origins in the German word for cake – kuchen. Quiche Lorraine was a dish originally put together to make a meal out of simple ingredients when there wasn’t much else on offer. Though we think you’ll agree, this simple dish is a delicious one – perfect for snacking on as you study. You could even follow a French recipe for Quiche Lorraine to make some for yourself!


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Croissants (and similar baked goods)

It would be rude to talk about any French food if we omitted croissants from our list. These buttery pastries are often eaten for breakfast; usually plain, or with jam, or dipped in coffee. Though outside of France it isn’t frowned upon to spread with butter too! Later in the day croissants can be split and filled with something more substantial, like ham, or cheese, or really any filling you like. And if you are looking for alternative viennoiseries to croissants, well, you are spoilt for choice. Both pain aux raisins and pain au chocolat are popular choices that you will find alongside croissants in any good patisserie.



Another must-have item on the French snack list is the humble crepe, which are very thin pancakes that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can have them just as they are, sprinkled with sugar and folded into a quarter. You can fill them with chocolate sauces, fresh fruits, or jam. You can even give them savoury fillings like ham and cheese, the choice is entirely down to you! The savoury variety tend to be called galettes, while the most famous of crepes is possibly the Crêpes Suzette. The Suzette is a sauce made from caramelised butter and sugar with tangerine or orange juice and zest, and a liqueur like Grand Marnier or Curaçao. These crepes tend to be prepared at the tableside with a flambé performance. Though you don’t have to! You wouldn’t want to burn your textbooks while studying just for the sake of a snack!


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Madeleines are a simple sponge cake with a shell-like shape, made using a génoise cake batter. Some traditional recipes use ground almonds to add flavour, while others favour the zest of lemons. Like all good French cuisine the humble Madeleine comes with a history. If you want to see Madeleines being made and pick up a great recipe while learning French at the same time, watch this video! Though if not, take a break from studying and put your feet up; Madeleines are a perfect accompaniment to coffee.

Hungry yet? We think you have earned yourself a little snack to go with your studies, or even a well-earned break if you’ve been at it for a while! If you’re learning French or these snacks have inspired you to want to start studying, drop us a quick enquiry to see how our courses can help.