Helping our Armed Forces personnel in future careers

A career change can be a daunting and exciting time for all of us, though for former military personnel a change of job is also an entirely different way of life. There are many things to adjust to; here are some of the ways the government and organisations in the U.K. are helping our former military staff adapt to a new routine.

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National Insurance contributions

We know. Times are difficult right now; it is difficult to have much faith in our government. Though we do have to give praise where it is due. In the Budget in March 2020 Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that military personnel would be exempt from paying National Insurance contributions for their first year of post-military work. This is a great first step to helping our veterans ease into civilian employment.


Veteran railcard

As of Armistice Day 2020, veterans will be able to take advantage of a new rail scheme that gives around 830,000 people a third off the normal fare. This concession is to assist those going into new employment and to help maintain family ties for families who are spread out around the country. This is in addition to schemes already in place from some groups of veterans, such as the Veterans Concessionary Travel Scheme


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Defence Discount Service

The Defence Discount Service gives discounts both online and face to face to the Armed Forces, veterans, and those in the wider Armed Forces community. The discount comes in the form of a card that you can present anywhere from Starbucks to National Express, giving a range of discounts in all sorts of walks of life. Even companies who don’t advertise that they are part of the scheme will often provide a discount if you show them your card.



One of the organisations at the forefront of ensuring an easier transition from military to civilian life is ELCAS. ELCAS, the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service, run the MOD’s ELC scheme. The ELC scheme promotes lifelong learning for members of the Armed Forces, ensuring personnel are well-equipped for their lives after their service. Those participating in the ELC scheme receive upront financial support for higher education courses. These courses are equivalent to Level 3 of the National Qualification Framework, so are well placed to help veterans find new employment. Many learning providers across the country are ELC accredited and ready to offer veterans places on their courses, covering a wide range of disciplines.



Yes, we’re biased; we happen to think that learning multiple languages is good for all of us, and in particular our former Armed Forces. A second language is great to have on your CV, broadens the scope of the work you can do, and gives you the opportunity to work in a number of different places. From a personal point of view, learning a second language gives you more people you can speak to, lets you access media from more sources, is great for our cognitive skills, and is a confidence booster. Language learners are the world’s best at multitasking, with the strongest organisational skills, and self-motivation; what better tools to have in your skillset than those?


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Language Trainers

Language Trainers provide the most versatile way of learning a language. Our tutors are native speakers from all over the world, so you know you’re getting to grips with the real language and not something stale from an out of date textbook. Our tutors are also flexible, able to meet you in your current place of work, home, favourite cafe, and of course online. They are adaptable and can help you with a programme of study that is tailored perfectly to your specific needs. Do you need a lesson at eight in the morning? Want to study language for a specific purpose? Just want someone to practice conversation with? Our tutors can help! And because of the way Language Trainer tutors work, not only will you learn a language, but you will also learn with a range of sources. Never used collaborative online tools before? Haven’t tried using online realia for study practice? Our tutors can guide you through these as well!

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