How to Prepare for the UK Citizenship Test with Language Trainers

We won’t lie, preparing for the UK Citizenship Test can feel like an overwhelming task. There is a lot of information that you will have to learn, covering everything from British history and important monuments to how the government is structured and the laws of the land. And although your English skills are not tested as part of the Life In The UK test itself, you will still need to demonstrate a strong understanding of English as part of the overall citizenship application. So, how can you prepare for the UK Citizenship Test here with us at Language Trainers?

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Language requirements

As part of your immigration application, you will need to provide certification that proves your English skills are at a minimum of B1 level. If you are lucky enough to have studied a degree taught entirely in English at university, demonstrating that the course is of a similar standard to UK universities might be all you need to do. However, for everyone else, you will need to take an English proficiency test. ISEI is a test you can take only here in the UK, as is the GESE. If you are taking a test outside of the country or want a certificate that is internationally recognised, then the IELTS might be the best option for you.

Test levels

To prove you are at least at B1 level for English, you will need to achieve certain scores depending on the tests. For the ISEI you will need a pass in all sections, which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The GESE requires that you achieve a grade five pass. And for IELTS you will need a band four in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It is not easy to compare the three tests to check the levels since each exam has a different format. But if you want to get a feeling of how your writing could perform, this grammar check will be of much help! Knowing which test is most suitable for you and how to achieve the right level can be confusing, which is one of the key areas where your Language Trainer tutor can help you.

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What’s involved?

Each of these proficiency tests assesses your speaking, listening, writing, and comprehension skills. When first meeting with a tutor you will probably take an informal test so that they can assess your current levels at each. So if, for example, you are strong in English comprehension and writing but need to work on your speaking and listening skills; your tutor can put together a programme of study that maintains and bolsters your strengths while bringing up the levels in the areas you need to work on. Tailor-made learning that lets you learn what you need in the ways that are most suitable for you is quite a different learning experience than what you will find in a conventional classroom!


One of the main advantages of having a study programme designed specifically for you is that you can include study points that are tailored to your needs and way of living. Your tutor might use guidance on understanding the local politics of your chosen new city to help you perfect your English. Similarly, they may help you with the Life In The UK test itself by teaching you English that tests your UK history knowledge. Whether you are in the process of moving to the UK or are preparing to move, a course created purely with you in mind can fit in with whatever schedule demands you have. Emigration is already a challenging experience, so perfecting your English skills while all of that is happening should not be something that makes you even more stressed!

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Integration and immersion

To become truly confident in a language, using it on a daily basis is essential. One of the biggest hurdles when learning can be making that initial effort to strike up a conversation with someone in your new tongue. One-on-one tuition or even learning within a small group can help you overcome that hurdle. Our tutors can even put you in real life situations where you get to practice English if you aren’t ready to take that first step yourself. So whether that’s checking the price of something without a label in a store, or giving allergy details when ordering a meal in a restaurant, our programmes of study can give you the confidence to speak without hesitation.

Why not take our free online English level test to see where you are already with your language skills? Drop us a line to find out more about signing up for our tailor-made courses.