Plain English Day

To coincide with Plain English Day last Friday, (December 9th) the Plain English Campaign announced the latest winners of its annual “Golden Bull Awards”. Each year, the campaign presents awards for the best and worst examples of English.

This year’s winners include the Met Office for using phrases such as “overnight tonight” and “temperatures really struggling,” and my personal favourite, Flybe, for this gem in a letter sent to a customer:

I believe that what has not been explained to you is that it is not a £4.50 card charge, in the process of booking a flight, you will have a booking fee which is for a Credit Card (return journey), booking fee £4.50 and Credit Card supplement £1.00, for a (one way) booking fee £5.50 and credit card charge £1.00.

Concerning a Debit Card (return flight) booking fee £4.50 and there is no additional fee for a Debit Card. for a (one way) booking fee £5.50 with no additional Debit Card charge. If you which any more details about our charges, you can call our call centre on 0871 700 2000 / 01392 268500 (from outside the UK) (calls cost 10p per minute; calls from mobiles and some networks may be higher) and one of our agent will be happy to assist you.



Should you wish to use some nonsensical English, the website also has a Gobbledygook Generator, which is fun!