Salinas Native Mayra Gomez Makes History as Amazon’s First Spanish-language Reporter for Thursday Night Football

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Mayra Gomez, a Salinas native Spanish-speaker woman, sealed a milestone event by making a streaming TV broadcast for Amazon’s Prime Video football team.

Mayra Gomez and the Spanish-speaking Football Fan Community

Mayra Gomez graduated from Wesleyan University in business administration and later moved back to Mexico to specialize as a sports journalist. She has built her career in the sports field as a sideline reporter for La Octava Sports on NFL Mexico’s Monday Night Football. Gomez also worked for several companies with solid roots in the sports industry, such as the Los Angeles Chargers. In particular, Gomez works on Spanish digital content.

On September 22, Gomez was on the broadcast staff for Amazon’s company Prime Video football. She has been a sideline reporter for the matches of the event opening the week of football. This big news for millions of avid football followers is that Gomez is the first Latin woman to broadcast these football matches in the Spanish language through Prime Video. The Latin community in North America is a large and lively pool of keen football fans, which clarifies the impact of a Spanish-language reporter on a significant portion of the public during the games. Also, Latins have a feeling with football at all levels, including placing bets online. These sports betting and online casinos for users in Latin America, the United States, and Spain are living proof of the hard-to-die football sentiment in the American Spanish-language community of football fans.

How Did She Become a Reporter for Prime Video?

Mayra Gomez revealed how she had the opportunity to participate in these important NFL football games for Prime Video during an interview with KION. As she explained, she received an email from Amazon Prime that she thought was spam. Luckily, Gomez didn’t delete it! As she read the message in the email, she understood that Amazon contacted her for a job interview. 

But Gomez wasn’t the only one to receive that email. Two other people got it, as well. So, she decided to rely on God and let Him conduct things for her. Eventually, God gave her the gift to become the first Spanish-speaker woman to broadcast the football games. Gomez isn’t shy in revealing that she even felt unsure at the beginning. After all, it was a first-time experience.

Mayra Gomez’ Gratitude to Her Roots

First, Gomez felt like seeing her lifelong dream coming true just under her eyes. She had fulfilled her childhood dream after years of study, daily sacrifice, and self-discipline. Also, her parents’ struggles and efforts helped her get to that point. One of her first comments during the interview was about her Latin roots and proudness of being who she is. Much of her success depends on her bilingual skills. That’s her most powerful talent and earned her the unique opportunity to broadcast for Amazon’s Prime Video.

Being present at the football games crowned Gomez with an even higher honor. She represented all Latinos as a Mexican woman and reporter. She felt much closer to the Latin community in North America and was profoundly proud to say: “I am 100% Mexican”.