UK kids find reasons to learn Sanskrit

sanskritThough it is finding fewer and fewer students in its native India, the ancient language of Sanskrit is finding young enthusiasts in the UK.

Student enrolment in the Sanskrit program has been increasing at St James Junior School in London.  Teachers are very supportive of the course, which has been running since 1975.  Although the language itself is rarely spoken any more, it has formed the basis for many Indian classical writings, and teachers say that these provide philosophical and inspirational materials for children to learn from.  Speaking the language, even though it may be quite difficult for native English speakers, can give students a linguistic grounding that will help with their English diction as well.

The students appear to be as enthusiastic as the teachers, which is inspiring.  Even though the script and pronunciation might be challenging, they enjoy it because it is different.  They are more than happy to take the opportunity to learn it, because not many people get to these days.

Full article: NDTV.