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Online Chinese (Mandarin) Language Level Test characters Total tests taken so far: 9661. Average score: 28/70

This test is designed to assess your present Chinese (Mandarin) level. Choose the best answer for each question. Please do not guess as it might negatively influence your result. If you are unsure, please select I Don't Know. You can choose to take a minimum of 10 questions and a maximum of 70 questions, it’s up to you. The results will be based on how many questions you take (in groups of 10 questions).

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1. 上、下、 ___、右
I don't know
2. 妈 ___ ___ 骂
么 麻
麻 马
马 吗
嘛 么
I don't know
3. 你____.
I don't know
4. 我____麦克.
I don't know
5. 一、___、三、四、五
I don't know
6. 她____我的老师.
I don't know
7. 我是____国人.
I don't know
8. 小明家____北京.
I don't know
9. 我___咖啡.
I don't know
10. 今天是星期____,我休息.
I don't know