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Language Trainers Testimonials and Reviews from Clients

See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.


”The lessons are going well! My teacher, Ada, is great. She understands my learning needs and structures the classes accordingly.”

Monica Dyas Spanish course in Dublin

”The lessons went very well. The teacher Marie was excellent. Indeed Luke says he used an essay he did with her on 'life in the city' during his Spanish exam that was extremely useful. His exact words were 'it was a life saver' so well done to Marie.”

Orla Sheehan Spanish course in Dublin

”I am very, very happy with my first Albanian lesson. My teacher, Isida, had great materials, focused on working on my pronunciation, and set me realistic goals for self-study and homework. She was engaged and very easy to talk to, I cannot say enough how great a teacher I find her to be and I am very much looking forward to continuing my course with her.”

Chloe Fagan Albanian course in Dublin

”I would say that Ana the trainer did a really great job. All my best for you and your team.”

Nathalie Gordon English course in Dublin, Underwriter, Atradius

”The first lesson went really well, I am very happy with Orcun as a trainer.”

Miriam O'Donnell Turkish course in Cork, Department Of Justice And Law Reform

”We are very happy with Anne and are enjoying the classes very much. We have been focusing on all areas of the French language from speaking and listening to reading, writing and grammar which has been very useful. Many thanks!”

Alison Haselgrove French course in Swansea

”Chiara is a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson and ammore than convinced that I shall learn a lot of Italian rather quickly!My thanks to you for finding such a splendid teacher.”

David Hillery Italian course in Norwich

”The lessons are going very well – Michi is excellent.”

Jon Gregory Japanese course in Reading, Delarue

”My teacher, Andrew, is great and the support at Language Trainers is excellent. I am very happy to have an opportunity to learn with your company.”

Hiroto Noji English course in Derby, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO LTD

”My Vietnamese lessons are going well. I feel much more confident in speaking to my family and friends and they have noticed the improvement in my conversational skills. Hai is a great teacher, and very patient!  ”

An Pham Vietnamese course in London

”The lessons are going well. We are very pleased with Catherine and the way she teaches in a way that works for us.  ”

Lorraine Moyes French course in Fife

”The lessons are going well – Thank you! Everyone enjoys them very much.”

Claire Broomfield French course in Bristol, Aguettant Ltd

”I have had my first session with my teacher, Rowan, and it went really well. I think that Rowan’s background and experience will help me not only to improve my English but also to gain more confidence when speaking in English. It is exactly what I need.”

Indre Deksnyte English course in Leeds, Northern Gas Networks

”Claudia is a very good teacher, she will help if you are struggling with word order, grammar etc.”

Billy Garrett German course in Bristol

”Everything is going great with the lessons. The teacher is really good and understanding.”

Neil Woodcock Chinese course in Hull

”My Italian course went very well and I was very happy with the method used by my trainer.”

Chiara Benassi Italian course in Norwich

”The lessons are going well. I am progressing faster than I expected. Nettie is very thorough. At the halfway stage of my course, I am happy with the way things are going and more than satisfied with what I have accomplished so far. Thank you!”

Tony Monnickendam Dutch course in Milton Keynes

”I am very happy with the course so far and am already noticing the improvement in my French since my first lesson.”

Dominic Hurst French course in London

”My lesson with my instructor was excellent. I have really enjoyed it. Many thanks for all your help so far.”

Tony Neal Italian course in Bedford

”My teacher is engaged, innovative and conscientious with plenty of enthusiasm and patience whose lessons are enjoyable and productive. I am very pleased so far with the set up. I have no doubt that I shall want to continue in some suitable way when the first 15 lessons are complete.”

Jeremy Blackham Afrikaans course in London

”The lessons are going super well: I am making enormous progress. Driss is really helpful and patient! I have chose Language Trainers because you guys were the most responsive and thorough with my requests and I wanted to go somewhere serious where I felt looked after.”

Margaux Portron Moroccan Arabic course in London

”Our classes went extremely well. Our children made a big step forward in their language abilities and had a great time doing so. Our trainer was a compassionate, enthusiastic, and innovative teacher, very able to tailor the work to the children’s mood and situation. We can fully recommend Sophie and Language Trainrs for future language teaching assignments.”

Anders Fauerskov Danish course in Glasgow

”My lesson went very well and I'm totally satisfied. Ann is a great teacher. Thanks for all your help, Language Trainers!”

Tamas Zagoni Afrikaans course in Rotherham

”My lessons are going great. I'm really enjoying them and I couldn't be happier with my teacher - Christinna.”

Margaret Ormesher Danish course in Liverpool

”The lessons are going really well and I'm learning lots. Giovanna is a greate teacher. Thank you very much.”

Natalia Harmes Italian course in Liverpool

”Lessons are going wonderful. I am very happy with my tutor, Lucy.”

Matthew Hawken French course in Bristol

”All sessions finished now thank you and heading off to live in Holland and the end of December. Astrid was an amazing teacher and a really lovely person. I really enjoyed my time with her and made learning so much easier and less scary. ”

David James Dutch course in Southampton

”The lessons are going really well, and I am enjoying them a lot. Kasia is a great teacher and very patient with my poor memory skills!”

Stuart Hopkin Polish course in Nottingham, Monarch Acoustics Limited

”Both the organisation and service were very efficient and friendly. My trainer was highly skilled in teaching; he planned the lessons and homework extremely well to suit me and the subjects I needed to grasp for my job.”

Hannah Owen French course in Southampton, PA to Harry Deans, CEO, INEOS Phenol

”The course was excellent - all on your team were highly professional. Everything was excellent.”

Kieran Madden Italian course in Milton Keynes, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

”Maira, who is currently in Brazil impressing her friends with her English, was more than satisfied with Mary's instruction. We found her well-prepared, highly innovative, and very effective. Extremely effective. She was an excellent ambassador for Language Trainers.”

Bob Irvine for Maira Acosta English course in Wolverhampton

”Thank you for all your help so far and also for providing me with an excellent tutor in Mamadou. He has been a very patient and inspiring tutor and has been able to adapt to my learning requirements extremely well. Thank you Language Trainers again for your help and assistance.”

Simon Black French course in Leeds, Business Development Manager, Euramax Coated Products Ltd

”My course was excellent, and improved my comprehension and fluency.”

Denisse Chavez English course in Abingdon

”The course has been vey good so far, Noreen is a skilled teacher and has helped me a lot. The course covers many everyday cases which is very useful and gives many opportunities for discussions and practice. I believe it was worth the time and effort.”

Anastasios Kampaktsis English course in Birmingham, Hyder Consulting

”Mike said that he’s thoroughly enjoying the lessons, and Pasquale is a great tutor.”

Michael Gillett / Michele Barrett French course in Reading, IJS Global (EMEA) Ltd

”Everything is fine regarding Simone's English lessons. She is satisfied with her lessons at the moment”

Daniel Quandt English course in Solihull

”It was a good start with Margaret. My daughters like her teaching style.”

Alotaibi Hamdan English course in Nottingham, Petroleum and Fuel

”I am enjoying my classes and learning a lot as well.”

Rishita Nama French course in Croydon

”I thoroughly enjoyed the course in particular as they were one-to-one lessons.”

Natalie File German course in Solihull, Sasol UK Ltd

”I am really happy with everything. The most important thing for me is my teacher! She is fantastic and goes at just the right speed for me. I want to extend my course further.”

Zoë Towndrow Turkish course in London, Insurance Broker, BPL Global

”Everything is going perfectly. I wouldn't change anything and my tutor is doing a great job!”

Faz Peermohamed Norwegian course in London, Partner & Global Head of Admiralty, Ince & Co LLP

”From the feedback I have received from the students this morning, they were all really impressed and looking forward to the next session on Thursday.”

Heather lund English course in Leeds, Makins

”Friday's lesson was great! Aidan is an excellent tutor and I feel privileged to have him teaching me. The learning material Aidan had prepared was exactly right and was very interesting. I enjoyed my first lesson a great deal. I am looking forward to my second lesson with him very much.”

Rose Docherty German course in Manchester

”I am very happy with my current tutor Nigel. I like the way my lessons are going.”

Jurgita Skrebuteniene English course in Wolverhampton

”My German lessons are going very well. As I travel quite a lot I appreciate the flexibility that a "one-to-one" arrangement provides. My understanding and ability to speak and be understood have definitely improved!”

Martin Newman German course in Cambridge

”Everything is going very well. Savita is a really nice teacher and the student, Lucio, is happy with his improvements.”

Sara Tenconi English course in Leicester

”I have enjoyed my first Portuguese lessons very much. Camila is a very good teacher, she is very nice and explains things well and the pace of the lessons is good for me. She also does a different variety of things, so the time has passed quickly!”

Alison Laughlin Portuguese course in Edinburgh

”I very much enjoyed my course. I will certainly recommend Language Trainers to others!”

Patrik Nosil French course in Sheffield

”Hello My lessons are going well! I am enjoying them so much and learning a lot as well. My 2 hours go by very quickly and my teacher keeps lessons varied and interesting. Even though I get homework, my tutor makes the assignments fun.”

Shirley Tatcher Basque course in Bristol

”The lessons have now finished, and I have to say they went very well.  In some way they highlight how much more I have to learn, but mainly I have gained so much more confidence and can understand so much more than I ever did before. Through my Spanish lessons I have gained more understanding about why sentences are formed as they are, and about past and future tenses, as well as the niceties of the language. Assuredly, I will continue to learn conversational Spanish while living there, being immersed in it, but I will continue to refer to my booklet and discs which I received as part of the course. I would like to thank you for pairing me with Maria who has been very upbeat and patient with me throughout my sessions.  She has been very professional, yet friendly, ensuring my understanding before moving on.  Maria assessed me in my last lesson and considers that I have moved to an Intermediate level with an excellent range of vocabulary.  The areas I need to continue to focus on are the sentence conjunctions and the refining how I put things together.”

Lesley Buchanan Spanish course in Sheffield

”It is some time since I had German lessons however their usefulness remains invaluable to me. I had one-to-one lessons with a native German speaker who was by chance from the area of Germany in which I was preparing to live, and apart from teaching me the language was able to providing useful information about different regions of Germany as well. My teacher was excellent and we had some fun over the 12 weeks. Overall the experience was enjoyable.”

Dannii Wood-Wright German course in Exeter, HR Advisor, Heathcoat Fabrics Limited

”Our lessons are going fine. Eliana has changed tactics a bit with more emphasis on speaking now which I think is good for us!”

Simon Beswick Portuguese course in Aberdeen

”Our kids are very happy with the course and also glad to work with their teacher.”

Semeena Valiyaveetil Shamsudheen Norwegian course in Reading

”Hello Paula. The lessons are going very well. Sophia, my Greek teacher, does a good job of preparing the lesson and I am learning a lot.”

Margaret Thomas Greek course in Manchester

”The English lessons are great! I can see the progress I'm making and I'm really pleased.”

Ilona Zaranek English course in Luton, Employee, Amazon

”I am enjoying my lessons with Anastasia so much. She is an excellent Greek teacher. She is encouraging, patient, and very well organised besides being a warm and lovely person. I really look forward to my classes with her.”

Christine Ketchen Greek course in Bradford

”I have had two Korean lessons now and I am really enjoying them so far. My teacher has been very patient and helpful and I feel like I am learning a lot.”

Sian McGee Korean course in Liverpool

”Everything is going very well, thank you! We just started again our English lessons after the longest break because of my long holiday in Poland. I'm very happy with Marylin. She is very patient with me.”

Magdalena Skrzypczak English course in Luton, Amazon

”Jonah is very happy with the course and gets along very well with Kim, who by all accounts is an excellent German teacher. We plan to buy more classes when he is done with the ones we already paid for.I found Language Trainers with a simple Google search. I found only one other similar company who could provide at-home lessons in Northampton and they were initially cheaper (as they do not charge VAT for private citizens), but you were able to match that price. Your bonus of 10% in extra sessions was a big motivator to go with your company, and ultimately sealed the decision.”

Nancy Elser German course in Northampton

”My brother and I are really enjoying our lessons and I think we have come a long way since the start!”

Kanchen Shakya Nepali course in Oxford

”Me and my brother are really enjoying our Nepali lessons and I think we have come a long way since the start!”

Kanchen Shakya Nepali course in Oxford

”My classes with Trine are going great and she's a great Danish teacher. I'm very content with the way the course is proceeding.I chose Language Trainers because when I googled ""Danish classes in Newcastle"" it was one of the first suggestions on Google and it seemed like a better fit for what I wanted than the other ones.”

Alex Washington Danish course in Newcastle

”All good. I am learning a lot and the next lesson is today. Homework is useful and my colleagues always tell me my pronunciation is excellent and are impressed by how much I've learned. All good!”

Steph Chapman German course in Exeter

”I am very happy with Anastasia and I think we get on well. I am very pleased to be having Greek lessons after trying to find a Greek tutor for 3 years!!”

Christine Ketchen Greek course in Bradford

”Everything is fine. The lessons are going very well and I am very happy with Rizma, my English teacher.”

Alexandra Avram English course in London, Amazon

”The Greek lessons are going well and the children are becoming more confident in what they are learning. They are having fun learning which is a bonus and they find Amalia's way of teaching easy to understand.I am looking forward to seeing them progress even more.”

Louise Holmes Greek course in Leicester

”I am making loads of progress in my Norwegian classes and Gunn is a fantastic teacher! She is so resourceful and thoughtful and puts so much effort in to each lesson.”

Camilla Wells Norwegian course in Brighton

”English lessons for an employee of mine are going very well. My employee is really enjoying them, and learning lots with a new coursebook. Sarah is an amazing teacher!”

Claudia McKibbin English course in Chelmsford

”I had an excellent first Wolof lesson. My teacher Rama was friendly, efficient and well-prepared, especially considering the fact that she wasn’t familiar with my level in the language yet. It was a very good start to the course, and I’m looking forward to my next lessons.”

Stuart Bevan Wolof course in London

”I am really enjoying my Polish lessons. Renata is an excellent teacher, and makes the lessons interesting and fun. Also, the journey time is very convenient for me! I have spoken to Renata about booking further lessons after these ones have finished and she is happy to continue teaching me, so I can’t be doing too bad!”

John Mann Polish course in Cambridge

”I am so happy with my English teacher Jennifer. She is like a real dream for me. She is so calm, patient and she is understanding with me all the time. If there are gaps in my understanding, she always helps me to fill them in. So overall, I would recommend her 100%.”

Lilyana Vaseva English course in Walsall

”My English course is going really well. I enjoy it very much, and it is exactly what I was looking for.”

Andrei Carai English course in Online, Amazon

”My English lessons are going very good. Terry is a very good teacher. I always recommend Language Trainers to people who want to begin an English language course.”

Beata Borynik-Serej English course in London, Employee

”I take this opportunity to tell you that Melissa, my current teacher, is EXCELLENT !!!!! She perfectly understood my needs, and is always prepared for our classes. I am going to ask to continue with her, because it was and is with her that I feel that I am progressing in my English level. She is really a good teacher. ”

Sophie Earland English course in Coventry, PCA UK Ltd

”My English lessons are great. We’re working with our second book now, which I hope we will finish soon. Naomi is very understanding tutor. She doesn’t cancel our appointments, which is very important for me. She is punctual and very patient.”

Magdalena Rojek English course in Luton, Amazon

”Craig is a very good English teacher. He always brings well-prepared and planned lessons to help me meet my IELTS goal. I can’t ask for more.”

Damaso Lopes English course in Leicester, Amazon

”My lessons are going very well. Nabi, my Japanese teacher, has been very helpful in picking up my mistakes and correcting them. There is often homework and the corrections are given during the following class. Overall, the lessons are going in a good direction and my tutor has been great.”

Andrew Zhou Japanese course in Reading

”My Greek lessons are going great! I'm really loving it. It's literally my favourite time of the week!”

Heather Mackay Greek course in Swansea

”My teacher is great and I am optimistic about the progress I will make with teacher and lessons.”

Jack Eade Flemish course in Exeter

”I have a lot of fun with my trainer. She also spends time understanding what I would like to get out of the lessons and the learning styles that work for me.”

Haidee Nolan Spanish course in Chelmsford

”I really like my teacher and I can already feel that my Danish is getting better.”

Frederica Scott vollrath Danish course in Oxford

”I'm getting quite comfortable with my Dutch lessons. I always get the feeling to improve more and more. I feel much more confident and glad that I've renewed the course. The study of the language is continuous and not just involved during the lessons. I enjoy the method of teaching and the outcomes, I hope, are the best proof to confirm that.”

Massimiliano Petrucci Dutch course in Southampton

”The lessons are great, My teacher is very helpful with grammar and conversation.”

Gill McGuigan Russian course in Bolton

”Our teacher was brilliant and very interesting. She was attentive and the lessons were fun and engaging.”

Molly Daunt Italian course in Oxford

”I am very happy with the lessons and the content and speed of the course. We worked to arrange the most suitable schedule between us over the summer also so that seems to be working well.”

Yvonne Csoke Hungarian course in London

”My Japanese teacher is great. She is excellent with her communication and organisation skills. Her dedication to teaching the language is very impressive and would certainty recommend to anyone wanting to learn Japanese.”

Nemariq ALHinai Japanese course in Glasgow

”The lessons are going very well and I am very happy with my teacher. ”

Jamie Spottiswood Arabic course in Southampton

”My Spanish lessons are going very well. My teacher is excellent and she explains things so well going into the meaning and origins that pertain to the language. I am really enjoying the classes. They are the right place and standard to meet my needs.”

Christine Went Spanish course in Coventry

”My teacher is always on time, she respects me deeply as an individual, she's very patient and doesn't move forward if I don't get it, she also does her own research in order to deliver me a good class and answer many (sometimes too many) questions I ask. I recommend your service for being being attentive and extremely professional.”

Alessandro Santos Yoruba course in London

”I am enjoying my lessons very much. My trainer is great and she also has lots of patience!”

Shauna Morgan Japanese course in Swansea

”I’ve now reached the end of my lessons and am looking forward to my trip to Denmark in May. I feel confident that I will be able to ‘get by’ on my trip and have a reasonable understanding of common words and phrases.”

Alison Cooke Danish course in Leicester

”We leave at the end of the lessons enthused about the language and the country and you can’t ask for more than that. We received the books very quickly and our instructor is good at keeping up a pace that is consistent with both our needs and the time that we have available. She has gone out of her way to accommodate us. I would heartily recommend your program.”

Emma Wrigley German course in Aberdeen

”The lessons have been great fun – difficult but rewarding.”

Jo Sutton Norwegian course in Bristol

”My lessons are going really well. My Korean teacher has been great and I have nearly finished my 1st book.”

Sian McGee Korean course in Liverpool

”The Greek lessons are going really well. I look forward to them and find Anastasia very helpful, encouraging, and patient!She gives me homework and material from other Greek grammar books and even brought a Greek newspaper for me to identify parts of grammar.I think she is an excellent teacher.”

Christine Ketchen Greek course in Bradford

”I chose Language Trainers because the price was competitive and the website had a lot of detail around the course and the structure of the programs along with positive testimonials. I couldn't be happier!”

James Brookes French course in Newcastle

”The lessons are going very well and I'm really enjoying my teacher.”

Laura Robjohns Japanese course in Worthing

”The lessons are going great and my German is coming along really well!”

Paul Barton German course in Leicester

”My English lessons are going well. I have received good feedback from my colleagues. We are concentrating on improving my writing and speaking skills as well as phrasal verbs - great practice! Thank you for your support!”

Laura Siracusa English course in Northampton

”Our classes are going well and we are able to understand the German language concepts. The teacher is excellent and he clarifies any of our doubts.”

Manesh Ravindran German course in Leicester

”I'm pleased to report that my lessons have been going well and I am really enjoying them. Getting together in a public place has been working out excellently and is flexible with my schedule!”

Rosa Armutcu Turkish course in Norwich

”I really enjoy my Russian lessons!  Alexandra is a great teacher, as she always focuses on keeping the lessons interesting and never monotonous. Additionally, she gives me good exercises as homework, which she always corrects and comments. This is very helpful in order to improve my Russian skills. I am more than happy with my Russian lessons and always look forward to them!”

Valentina Russian course in Derby

”Thanks for your e-mail. I have to say it was really a fantastic experience with our course. The teacher was very nice and knowledgeable.”

Madelaine Allen English course in Manchester

”Everything went fine. I'm looking forward to my next lesson. I think that Stephanie my trainer is really nice and seems to have a nice style.”

Evelyn Fritzgerald German course in Norwich, Country Manager, BRAND GMBH + CO KG

”At the moment training is fine so no need to change anything in the arrangement. In terms of the training I am satisfied with the content of the lessons as we are adapting the training to my questions and areas which I want to improve.”

Albert Pares English course in Reading, Assistant Manager, Deloitte

”The first class was a delight. I'm very excited about learning French & Alix is personable & clearly a qualified instructor. I was given enough material on my first visit with written & spoken French that I can practice & perfect.”

Brittany Kiser French course in Derby, Wife of one of the managers, Rolls Royce

”Marina feels that you have done very well --so much so that she is now speaking with confidence!”

Jason Evans (for Marina Pereiro) English course in Bristol, Training & Development Manager, Siniat Ltd

”I enjoy English lessons every week!!! Agnieszka my teacher is very friendly, so I can ask any questions and she explains many times until I can understand.”

Harumi Kozaki English course in Leicester

”Thank you for the great service Language Trainers has provided us. We are really looking forward to using Language Trainers again in the future.”

Sophie Kerr Japanese course in Dublin, English Business Coordinator, Sekisui Chemical

”Both Tatiana and I are completely satisfied with our English classes. Contents and speed of our courses fully meet our expectations.”

Dmitry Shkutov English course in Bedford, MQE Chassis Engineer, Nissan

”I had my second lesson from Midori this week and I am finding both tutor and the lessons great. I must also add that it is lovely being taught by a Japanese native. Midori is very enthusiastic to talk about Japanese culture as well as the language.”

Eileen Clifford Japanese course in Dublin, Regulatory Affairs/Legal & Intellectual Property, Sekisui Medical

”I have been very satisfied with my Japanese course so far. Midori my teacher has been very helpful and I am happy with the content she has taught me. She has also been flexible and helped me with any topics that I would like to spend some time on. I am quite content with how the course has progressed. Midori informed me that if I had any problems or needed any help once the course is complete, that she would be available through email to help with anything I found difficult.”

Barry O'Connor Japanese course in Edinburgh, Pharmaceutical R&D and Technical Development, Sekisui Medical

”I am very happy with my English trainer Sarah. She is very good in teaching! She is helping me a lot to improve my English. Thanks a lot for your support.”

Sabine Schmitz English course in Birmingham, Wife of one of the managers, Beiersdorf

”I am very happy with the course.”

Tania MacLeod French course in London, Partner - Dispute Resolution, Rosenblatt Solicitors

”Lessons are going really well. I passed my HSK level 1 which I am delighted with! I am in China for work at the moment so I have the opportunity to put my lessons to practice. I am relocating to China for 2 years with my job, and know I'll feel confident when I get there. I would like to thank Yan my teacher for all the great lessons. She really does a great job, and I would highly recommend her!”

Susan Bebbington Mandarin Chinese course in Limerick, Formulation Team Leader, Beckman Coulter Ireland Inc. Lismeehan,

”I am happy how we covered the lessons. We worked quite hard with the book and did a few other extra datasheets that our trainer kindly provided for the lessons.”

Sibely Diez English course in London, PA To Global Head of Strategic Investment Group, Royal Bank of Scotland

”My Skype German course is going well.”

Ruslan Sabbakh German course in Online, Export/Sales Coordinator, Webtec Products Ltd

”I really enjoyed my first lesson the German teacher was of great help.”

Alexei Veprentev German course in Edinburgh

”The lesson went very well thanks, I was impressed with the tutor.”

Gisele Laywood Portuguese course in Leicester, HR Manager, Guidance Navigation Ltd

”The lessons are going well. Zoraida our trainer has a very professional approach and is always punctual and well prepared. She is also very responsive to our needs and is prepared to alter her plans to answer any specific issues that we may have.”

Kate Vickers Spanish course in Bristol

”The lessons are going well, the trainer is very good as you would expect coming from a teaching background.”

Mark Johnston Spanish course in Wigan, Finance Director, SAICA

”I had 2 lessons so far, both very good and productive so everything is ok. We have discussed and selected the right course book for me. At the moment I have enough materials to study.”

Denis Nagi Hungarian course in London

”The course is definetily good. Kate, my teacher, is helping me a lot to understand what I need to improve with my English.”

Fabrizio Borsoi English course in Coventry, Diesel Calibration Engineer, AVL Powertrain UK Ltd.

”Everything is going well and I am very happy with Simon my trainer.”

Victor Moro English course in London, Credit Analyst, Banco Santander

”The lessons are still going very well. We are living in Germany now so progress has picked up (I believe) and Sabrina our trainer has managed to re-tailor the work to accommodate that whilst still teaching the 'basics' that haven't yet been covered. Also, she is able to answer lots of questions regarding the nuances of the German language that can be quite baffling to somebody speaking German in Germany after learning only from a book (i.e. a set/structured course).”

Frank Monaghan German course in Manchester, Applications Engineer, Renold PLC

”The lesson was good and I think it should work very well with Lucio my trainer.”

Jonathan Segal Portuguese course in London

”I'm enjoying my lessons very much. Ruth, my trainer, is brilliant and completely understands my learning needs.”

Fritzi von Preussen German course in Leeds

”Initially I was looking for intensive individual instruction over a short period of three to four weeks. I found Language Trainers through a web search and found the site easy to use. There was sufficient information on each of the packages available to help me make a choice and I finally settled on a course of 10 individual lessons (20hours) which suited my needs. The course was set up very quickly and has been well organised with flexibility about both venue and dates.”

Rita Cook Italian course in Warrington

”My course with Gwen is almost finished. We have our last 2-hour lesson scheduled on Monday. I've been very satisfied with Gwen's methods, talent and teaching abilities. Lessons with her have been the best. We managed to finish the course book and I've been able to improve, not only, my speaking ability but my writing skills, as well. Earlier this month I started doing CAE course at the language school, as I'm determined to get a certificate in Advanced English. I believe English lessons provided from Language Trainers have been a very useful part in the preparation for my exam.”

Marina Pome English course in Birmingham, Beiersdorf UK Ltd

”The language lessons are going well.”

Gabrielle Troye English course in Coventry, HR Officer, Kautex Unipart

”All is going well with the classes thank you and Alison is trying very hard with great patience to get a good result from a dimwit pupil!! I do indeed enjoy the sessions although I need to allow myself much more time to practice and study.”

Jeremy Carnell French course in Northampton, Principal Safety & Health Consultant, PMSS

”I was very satisfied and enjoyed a lot my English lessons with Clara my teacher. Of course, 4-hour lessons are obviously intensive, however I didn't see the time passing because it was very interesting for me and diversified. I think I had the opportunity to extend my vocabulary during my stay and to learn and improve some grammar (particularly: present perfect and present perfect continuous). Moreover, the lessons were in total coherence regarding the program of my lessons here in France and the objectives of my stay here in Birmingham. Clara helped me a lot and was very involved in allowing me to get the best out of this experience. I really hope this experience will be a first step in improving my English.”

Veronique Richard English course in Birmingham, Lafarge

”Our lessons are going fine at the moment. Making steady progress.”

Chris Holden German course in Leicester, Deichmann

”I have had great feedback from the class; they all really enjoyed the lesson and said that the teacher was great!”

Keiley Yates Spanish course in London, HR, Goodman Masson

”Lessons were great. The course and the teacher were both excellent.”

Luisa Monrabal Spanish course in London, PA, Banco Santander

”Thanks for the very high quality service provided. Mar is an excellent teacher, and I have been referring her to other people in the bank.”

Suzy Ferreira Spanish course in London, Assistant Director, Banco Santander

”I met Oliver the teacher and everything was good.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick German course in London, International Business Development Manager, Springer

”Thank you for your note and for the money off voucher. Thuy was a wonderful teacher - flexible, professional and skilled. The course was excellent.”

Freya Aitken Vietnamese course in London, Manager, International Public Affairs, Prudential Plc

”Our teacher Patricia is lovely and I enjoyed the class thoroughly. She is going at just the right learning pace, which is good. Thanks.”

Victoria Hodgkinson French course in London, HR Advisor, Gucci Group

”Sandra was very happy with her course and the dedication shown by the tutor.”

Harry Bright Spanish course in Birmingham, Managing Director, Banco Santander

”The classes are going well, we are also doing more business French with Nicolas our trainer which is good.”

Kerstin Zimmermann and Constantine French course in London, Investor Relations, Alken Asset Management

”Extremely happy with the course.”

Rocío Lozano French course in London, Project & Acquisition Finance Associate, Banco Santander

”I am much happy with the teacher. She understands my needs and everything is going well.”

Catharina Obermayer English course in Reading

”Both my English course and the teacher are great. David and I have chosen the right pace and moving along to address issues I have.”

Alexander Makarov English course in Cambridge, Solution Delivery Team Lead, Cargill PLC

”Many thanks for your email and for the certificate I will receive after the lessons in Milton Keynes. I am enjoying the time to learning English. The trainer Kath is well prepared with an iPad and different materials. It is important for me to be able to talk about my products. Every day we start with some small talk and a run through of one of our products. Next week I will do a presentation every day about one of our products and practice writing an email. Every day we do a unit in my textbook.”

Bernfried Meerbecker English course in Milton Keynes, Planning Consultant, interlübke

”All is fine, thank you. The lessons are still good and they help me to improve my English. So, so far, everything is OK.”

Fatema Adamjee English course in Liverpool, wife of one of their employees, Nutricia

”My lessons are going very well and I am enjoying them. Maje my trainer is keeping me on my toes and I feel I am making progress. She works very hard to prepare interesting work and I am enjoying the huge variety of exercises, reading passages and writing tasks. She is certainly fulfilling the programme we set out at the beginning of the course.”

James Pett Galician course in London

”Lucile, my teacher, is lovely – very friendly and it was a good lesson. It actually made me realise how much I do know and understand.”

Nilmini Francis French course in London, Office Manager, Alken Asset Management

”After my first lesson with my teacher Anette, I can confirm that I got a good impression of her. She seems highly competent.”

Mark McAlea English course in Peterborough, Senior Consultant, Coloplast

”I am enjoying my lessons. Lucie is an excellent teacher, very patient! More importantly, she is very flexible in terms of lesson times. So, all in all, I am very satisfied.”

Amer Baig Czech course in London, Managing Director/ Head of Europe M&A, Standard Chartered Bank

”I am very satisfied with my lessons. Mar’s teaching style suits me very well and I am still finding them very enjoyable, though challenging.”

Phil Moore Spanish course in London, shareholder relations at Santander, Banco Santander

”My Russian lessons are going well thank you. It is hard to learn but I have learnt a lot. My trainer Svetlana is very good and makes learning as easy as possible in a relaxed environment. I will be able to use what I have learnt next week when I travel to Ukraine. I would certainly recommend the lessons. Thank you for your help.”

Jeremy Turner Russian course in Leicester

”Many thanks for your call – I am impressed with the client service!”

Alexandra Henderson French course in London, Associate, JPES Partners

”We are happy with our Portuguese course. Our teacher, Christina, is great!”

Jacqueline McCloy Portuguese course in Ulverston, Finance Director, Tri Tech International LtdTritech

”My English lessons with Gwen are going very well. We are working a lot with reading, pronunciation, and writing. Exactly what I need for my job!”

Emidia Di Sabatino English course in Online

”The classes are going really well. Many thanks to Firoozeh!”

James Hepburn Farsi course in London

”Joe, our tutor, is fantastic. I’m very happy!”

Alan Firth Spanish course in Oldham, Managing Director, Meridian Care

”I like Erin, my tutor, a lot. She is a very good teacher, so many thanks to Language Trainers for coordinating my classes!”

Tin Wai English course in Stafford

”Everything is going well. We’ve had a few lessons already and I’m enjoying it.”

Thomas Mcilvar Spanish course in Aberdeen, Tenaris

”I had my first lesson today and it went very well. The teacher, Alice, is good and we work well together. I look forward to improving my English with her and gaining knowledge from such an experienced tutor.”

Shynara Mukhamedzhanova English course in Stonehaven

”I’ve had a great time learning with my trainer, Maria, throughout the past six weeks. She was a great teacher and I thank her so much for all she’s done for me!”

Soyoung Kang English course in Online

”Both my co-worker and I enjoyed the course. The trainer was very good, and it was helpful to learn from an actual native speaker, who knows perfect French! She was very patient and adjusted the classes to the pace that suited both my coworker and myself.”

Andrew Watson French course in Belfast, Logistics Manager, Michelin

”My great teacher makes the lessons just as good! Thank you.”

Christopher Nixon Norwegian course in Nottingham, Sales and Project Manager, Joy Global

”The classes are delivered professionally and are very well focused. I felt my language skills improve lesson by lesson in an enjoyable way!”

Amit Gokan Hindi course in Online

”My lessons are going great. The teacher, Margaret, focuses on specific topics for my job such as oil & gas and the mining industry. This has been extremely helpful.”

Marta Szczesniak English course in London, Receptionist, Kulczyk Investments

”I am pleased with them and thought Svetlana was a very good teacher. She was very helpful and explained things in a relaxed and helpful manner. She allowed me to learn at my own pace without any pressure. I would certainly recommend the lessons.”

Jez Turner Russian course in Leicester

”The German lessons are going very well. Our teacher is excellent and very pleasnt to work with. He balances the structure of the class very well between having general conversations in German and learning new grammar and language structure.”

Sean Walsh German course in Reading, Engineer, Texas Instruments

”My lessons are very good. We do a lot of work on my personal needs for my job and that’s very helpful for my work! Christine is a great teacher and takes care of me at anytime.”

Iris Blohm English course in Solihull

”Our employees enjoyed their lessons and made friends with their tutors. I myself came into contact with the trainers and thoroughly enjoyed meeting them, they are a credit to your team. I have found Language Trainers very accommodating, helpful and personable and would recommend using them again. Many thanks for all your assistance over the last 6 months. It is much appreciated!”

Sophie Urwin English course in Brighton, RiverStone Management Ltd

”I’ve been more than pleased with the service and would be happy to tell potential future clients.”

Karen Sinclair Norwegian course in Aberdeen, QA Manager, The Stewart Group

”I am very satisfied with the progress leading up to starting my classes.”

Marjolein Wagemans English course in Hertogenbosch, Regional Legal Director Ricoh Europe, Ricoh Nederland B.V.

”I really appreciate what the course has done for me, and thoroughly enjoyed taking it.”

Jennifer Allen Japanese course in Pontypridd

”I am very happy with Fiona, my teacher. We have arranged a schedule and the scope of the course, and I am very happy with both. So, thank you!”

Jarek ZOK English course in Aberdeen, Senior Design Engineer, EnerMech Ltd

”The lessons are great, the teacher is nice, and the learning process is at a good pace.”

Edmund Ho Korean course in Oxford

”I am very happy to report that lessons with Mamadou are going very well! Mamadou’s teaching is perfect for my learning needs and he is giving me ample opportunity to approach the course from my own personal way of learning. I am happy to send my recommendations to anyone!”

Jen Dyer French course in Leeds

”I am enjoying my course very much! Czech is a very difficult language but I am making progress.”

Gordon Paul Czech course in Glasgow

”I’ve just finished my language course and can vouch it was a very great experience. My teacher was excellent, and helped me learn German and enjoy the experience at the same time!”

Melanie Konstantinidou German course in Online, Cardiologist /Electrophysiologist

”Yuko-san is a very professional, personable and patient teacher. She provides structured lessons of everyday situations while also giving insight into Japanese culture. She teaches at a pace that allows us to learn, and also stretches us to the next level! We are extremely grateful to have been taught by Yuko-san and would highly recommend her as a Japanese teacher!”

Joanna Chalmers Japanese course in Belfast

”The lessons are going well thank you. Marissa is a great tutor and yes I can hold a basic conversation and understand a little more.”

Charlie Green Italian course in Bournemouth

”The training is going very well, I have received very positive feedback re. Simon’s training style and the content of the lessons. Our employees are enjoying the training.”

Wanda Preston German course in Coventry, HR Manager, Kautex Unipart

”The first lessons were very good. Everything is ok so far.”

Stefano Capodanno German course in Derby

”The course is excellent, thank you.”

Francis Drew French course in Liverpool, Head of Engineering, United Molasses Group

”All going well. Our teacher Viaos is doing a great job.”

James Russell Greek course in Reading, Managing Director, Jaguar Espresso System

”The lessons are going really well. We have been doing a lot of role play conversations which is very helpful. We are acquiring the specific vocabulary needed for our job roles each week too.”

Faye Cook French course in Liverpool, Logistics & Administration Officer, Plexus Cotton

”Qi is flexible for us when we have to cancel and the lessons themselves are useful and concentrate more on the spoken language with a tentative start on the recognition of the Chinese characters.”

Matilda Vallender Mandarin Chinese course in London, Editor-in-chief, BP and Laboratory Services

”I’m very happy to learn with my teacher Julie.”

Diana Tadjuideen English course in London, Project Assistant, Kulczyk Investments

”Everything is going well, thanks for asking. We’re going through the book quite nicely as I learn quickly.”

Kristian Dobrev Russian course in London, Soccerex

”I thought the first lesson went well and Jing is a good tutor, tolerant and structured. I am confident of getting to my desired level .”

Michael Philp Mandarin Chinese course in Warrington, European Process Improvement Manager, HJ Heinz

”I am very pleased both with the tutoring and your support and I would highly recommend the company to others.”

Tracy Butler French course in Wakefield

”My teacher Annie has been very good, hopefully I can get into a routine of 2 lessons per week and also do my homework!!!!!.”

Tony Parker French course in Liverpool, Quality and Operations Manager, United Molasses Group

”I really enjoyed my English course, with my 20 classes I improved my English and I am very happy with the result. I really recommend this course and I want to thank the agency because everything was organised as I like.”

Grasiela Pinho English course in Leicester

”I have now completed the course and it was great. I couldn't fault the effort that Louise put in to make it an enjoyable and successful course. I really like the way each lesson was structured. My thanks to your team for everything.”

Andrew Brandon Danish course in Aberdeen

”Lessons via Skype are exactly what we needed. We can arrange the best suitable time for each of us directly with the teachers and it has proven as efficient as in a classroom but with the comfort of our homes. It couldn't be better.”

Nadja Gircis Satyro German course in Online

”I couldn't ask more of Rani as a teacher. She is excellent and spends a great deal of time preparing for the lessons. As a tutor she is patient and encouraging. I'm making progress with the Hindi script and reading, but it's up to me now to learn my vocabulary and make full use of the lessons.”

Tim Brooks Hindi course in Reading, Senior Manager, Internal Audit, URS Infrastructure & Environment UK Limited

”It went really, really well. I really enjoyed it. I was shattered after two hours, but Annett is very good at timing and pacing. I am looking forward to my next lesson.”

Raymond McCord German course in Liverpool, Managing Director, Norbert Dentressangle Logistics

” I continue to practice what I have learnt on a daily basis as well as utilising some CDs which I've subsequently bought to help me with pronunciation. ”

Roger Smith Polish course in Peterborough

”Everything was fine. I'm happy with my English teacher. Thanks for your help!”

Simone Quandt English course in Solihull

”Lessons are going very well. I have been travelling a lot so making slow progress through the programme, but the lessons I’ve had have helped me a lot during my trips to Japan, so I am very pleased.”

Ionut Lazar Japanese course in Liverpool, Key Accounts Manager, Far East, CRU International

”After completing 12 hours of my 20 hours of Spanish lessons, I am happy to report that everything is going really well. As we have discussed, pronunciation is my greatest challenge, closely followed by my grammar. All of the exercises we have been doing have been beneficial, especially the recording conversations and writing, as these focus on my weaknesses. Overall I am very pleased with my progress and I look forward to my remaining 8 hours.”

Joanna Marshall Spanish course in Leeds, Graduate Mineral Resource Geologist, Rio Tinto

”My lessons are going well. I am enjoying them and learning lots. The pace and content is adapted to my needs and I am given lots of materials to work with during the lessons and afterwards.”

Jennie Garlick Afrikaans course in London

”I am satisfied with the course. The speed of the course is fine.”

Heba Abdelmotaal English course in Chelmsford

”The lessons have been fantastic and my teacher Regina was brilliant tailoring the course to exactly what I needed. I feel my business German has made a leap of improvement. Thank you very much for all your help!”

Bella Schelpe German course in Cambridge, Analyst, Cantab Capital Partners LLP

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”Once I told my teacher I was going to Chile, she arranged my lessons so I would learn information about the customs and people of Chile.”

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