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Step 1 - Choose your Course

Open Group Japanese Courses

On this page, you can scroll through our list of Japanese courses. Explore them at your leisure and pick the one that suits your level to book your place today.
Please note: our courses have a limited number of places. It may be that the course you want is fully booked at this time. But don’t worry, we offer these courses on a rolling cycle; so, please come back and try again soon!

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Important Course Facts.

  • Japanese courses for every level
  • Fun & entertaining lessons
  • Certified & experienced teachers
  • Large & small groups
  • Make new friends for life
  • A great multicultural experience

Why Learn Japanese Today?

The Japanese society is characterized by its innovations: the CD player, camera phones, and android robots were all invented in Japan. So, if you are into cutting-edge technology, you will find that Japanese is an asset to better understand these devices. Japanese is also a gateway to pop culture: knowledge of the language will enable you to enjoy manga, anime, and video games on a whole new level. Plus, being proficient in Japanese can give your career a boost. Not many English speakers are capable of speaking Japanese, so you will have an advantage over monolingual candidates if you ever apply for a job at a Japanese-speaking company.

Benefits of an Open Group Japanese Course with Language Trainers Connect

Start learning Japanese with us at Language Trainers Connect and discover a new way to acquire the language. All our courses are designed for learners of the same level, so you will get to meet people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs while you improve your Japanese at the same rate!

Meet motivated Japanese learners from different parts in the world and learn Japanese through real-life communication! This means you will not only acquire grammar and vocabulary, but also how to communicate with others using greetings, requests, apologizing functions, and more!

All our instructors are certified native speakers of Japanese, so they have years of teaching experience and plenty of resources to adapt to every class, like games, songs, and role-play exercises that will render your lessons interactive and fun.

After 5 weeks of study, your course will end and you will receive a certificate that shows your new level of proficiency in Japanese. You can show this certificate to your employer, partners, family, or even your next teacher if you plan to keep studying Japanese. Send us a quick inquiry to find out more!

Course Requirements

Take part in a Language Trainers Connect Open Group Japanese Course with just a few things:

An electronic device (tablet, computer, smartphone).

A stable Internet connection

Zoom: download and use for free

Discover More About Our Japanese Courses

Private Courses

Do you need to learn Japanese in a short time for personal reasons? Are you sitting for an important exam soon and need personalized help? Would you like to study the language using a tailor-made curriculum that includes your favorite manga, anime, and J-pop? Reach out to us at Language Trainers and make it happen. We offer 100% private courses completely adapted to your preferences and needs. You can decide if you want to study alone or in small groups!