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If you ever thought about learning a new language, you might want to consider studying French. As you probably know, acquiring any language can help you pass the time, keep your brain active and distract yourself from everyday problems. But learning French has even more benefits.

As roughly 300 million people speak this language, having good French proficiency will allow you to open your cultural horizons, gain new job opportunities and expand your social circle. For instance, with French, you’ll get the chance to work at some of the biggest companies in the world, like L’Oréal, and you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in French culture like no other tourist.

Now, we know exactly what you’re thinking: It sounds great, but doesn’t this take too long? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many resources that can help you become French-savvy faster than you think. And, at Language Trainers, we have all the information you need about them. Allons-y!

The Ultimate Resource List To Study French

There’s no denying that learning languages can be frustrating and time-consuming. Studying French is no exception. Like any other language, French can pose a number of problems for those who are eager to acquire a more sophisticated vocabulary bank.

Fortunately for you, there are hundreds of tools that can give you a hand with a good foundation or even advanced knowledge of this Latin-descendant language. What’s best, you won’t have to spend countless hours looking for the most useful resources. We’ve compiled the best French learning tools below, followed by the secret to rapidly becoming a fluent French speaker.

Best Apps To Learn French

These days, most people are so busy with work and other responsibilities that they struggle to commit to full-time French courses. Luckily for them, there are many other options to learn this language. One of our favorites is through apps. With bite-sized lessons, a variety of games, interesting topics, attractive page designs and different levels, these language learning tools will allow you to study French whenever you want and wherever you go.



Probably, the most famous FREE language learning app on the web, Duolingo relies on gamification to make you practice French. It comes with short games, like multiple choice questions and flashcards, that will test your memory, aid your vocabulary learning and improve your French pronunciation.



Like Duolingo, Memrise also uses games to teach you French, but it mostly relies on mnemonics and spaced repetition. While this won’t help you develop fluency, you will most certainly get a very basic knowledge of French vocabulary to confidently begin your journey.



Now, if you’re looking to become a fluent French speaker, you might want to check this app. Unlike Duolingo and Memrise, Babbel focuses on pronunciation teaching. It is a conversation-based software that runs 10 to 15-minute lessons on certain topics, featuring speech recognition technology to help you with your French pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.



This app offers a game-like interface that will test your French skills with daily activities, such as matching words with images, building sentences and reconstructing conversation.



Are you a crossword and puzzle enthusiast? If so, this app was created just for you. With this tool, you’ll be able to combine your two favorite games with your French lessons for FREE!

Best Dictionaries / Translators To Learn French

While apps have become extremely popular over the last few years, dictionaries and translators are still very useful resources for learners. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced French student, these learning tools will come in handy to expand your vocabulary with direct translations, examples, antonyms, synonyms, collocations and other useful information. Moreover, depending on which dictionaries or translators you choose, you might enjoy some other unique features!


Collins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary

A must for every single French learner out there, Collins has a reputation for being one of the best French dictionaries on earth. And not only does it contain a massive number of entries but also very thorough information about each word you'll search for.


Larousse French English Dictionary

This translator will come in handy for students of all levels. It might not be as well-known as Collins, but it boasts a record of 250,000 phrases coupled with 400,000 translations, including the pronunciation of all the words.


Forvo Pronunciation Dictionary

As the name implies, this dictionary focuses specifically on sounds rather than meaning. What does this mean? Well, aside from the correct pronunciation of a given word, you’ll also access dialectical differences, pronunciation in context and, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be able to download the sound.



What makes Ascendo special is not meaning-related has nothing to do with finding out the meaning of a word. It is the fact that, by using this dictionary, you’ll also access a full-length text translator and a verb conjugator.

Best Textbooks to Learn French

Nowadays, it seems that most people want to learn languages through online tools, like apps and games. They seem to disregard textbooks as old, boring and, overall, not useful enough compared with new pedagogical technology. However, French learning books will give you a deeper look into this language. To achieve this, they rely on different methods. For instance, some books have very concise and traditional lessons while others use creative stories to rewire your brain into French.


French Short Stories for Beginners

Not only is this book an excellent source for beginner activities, but also a great way to begin your journey in a fun and exciting way. Rather than relying on traditional exercises, try learning by reading creative stories and checking your understanding.


New French With Ease

Another great storytelling resource to learn French, this book focuses particularly on speaking through real-life conversational French-based activities.


Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One

The title of this book gives you a very good idea of what you’ll find inside, that is, basic French, complete French grammar, French conversation, French sentence builder, French verb tenses and so on. In short, everything you need to know about French in one book of 37 units.


Easy French Step-by-Step

Now, if you’re the kind of person who takes your learning slowly, you should check this book and its gradual, step-by-step system to get you started.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn French

Our list wouldn’t be complete without some of the most useful YouTube channels to learn French. If you’re a visual learner or simply addicted to YouTube, you’ll definitely want to look at these YouTube video series. While some of these channels are dedicated entirely to offering French lessons, others focus on entertainment, such as comedy sketches with cultural references.


Francais Authentique

Are you hoping to delve into real-life French language use? Well, this channel was tailor-made for you. With short videos and a very exciting host, you’ll get to know all about French idioms, cultural references and slang.


Inner French

Why are we recommending this channel? This has a very simple explanation. It does not only offer bite-sized lessons on French but also debunks language learning myths and gives you tips on how to study French. All in one channel.


Un Gars Une Fille

This is not a video series on lessons to learn French. Un Gars is a comedy sitcom about a couple who experience everyday life problems. And although they speak fast, watching them speak will train your listening skills as if you were talking to native speakers.


Grand Frais

Everybody loves food and, if you travel to France, you’ll probably have to order it, so why not get acquainted with food names and recipes beforehand? This channel will help you achieve this with the help of a narrator who speaks slowly and words that appear on the screen.

Best Podcasts To Learn French

One of the best tools to develop your listening skills, podcasts will allow you to learn French at any place and at any time. What’s more, you won’t have to spend countless hours looking at your cell phone or computer like a zombie. Instead, podcasts give you the chance to explore this language while strolling around the city, having a picnic or at a break from work. Just put on your headphones and get ready to explore the French language and culture with these hosts:

  • Coffee Break French: This podcast makes French easier to learn by throwing many cultural references as you revise French grammar, vocabulary and other topics. It’s FREE and covers beginner to advanced French lessons.
  • News in Slow French: The name of the podcast gives away what this is all about. And as you probably guessed, it has nothing to do with French lessons. Rather, it entails listening to news spoken in… slow French.
  • Fluidité: Do you want to become a fluent French speaker? You need to listen to this podcast for intermediate and advanced students. It might be a bit challenging at first, but the host manages to make lessons entertaining by mixing French with cinema.
  • French Blabla: If you’re tired of traditional teaching methods, this is a podcast that you definitely need to check. Just to give you an idea of what you might find, there is a whole vocabulary lesson that uses Maria Antoinette’s wigs as the main topic.

Best Online Courses / Websites To Learn French

Apps, YouTube videos and podcasts are great learning resources, but they might only give you a general knowledge of French and not enough practice to become fluent in this language. So, if you’re the kind of person who's looking to acquire good French proficiency, we highly recommend enrolling in these online courses with well-organized language learning programs that can tackle French in depth.

  • Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone seeks to immerse yourself into the French-speaking world by recreating real-life experiences through audio and role-play games. It might be a bit costly but it will help you develop more fluency.
  • Learn French with Alexa: Alexa started this course with one goal in mind, to teach everyday French language use and she offers a variety of online classes that focus on how to master conversational French. And if you’re not convinced by what you’re reading, In addition, her website features FREE resources to give you an idea of her methodology.
  • Michel Thomas Method: One of the most famous courses of study, the Michel Thomas Method will teach you French without the need for writing, books or homework. Instead, you’ll listen to audios, where you “join” two other students and, “together”, you’ll translate phrases and complete other types of activities that simulate real-life conversations.

Best Online Exams To Learn French

We know what you’re thinking: Why are we talking about exams when you haven’t started learning French yet? In addition, many students suffer from a tremendous amount of pressure when sitting for these examinations. So, why should you take them? Well, just to name a few reasons: they will test your knowledge, measure your skills, and some of them will also give you a certificate to expand your professional and academic horizons. How’s that for something to keep you motivated

  • DILF – Diplôme Initial de Langue Français: This diploma consists of a series of exams. They are aimed at students with beginner and upper-intermediate levels and test every single skill (reading, writing, speaking and listening). While it might be a bit costly, the certificate doesn’t have an expiration date.
  • TCF – Test de Connaissance du Français: Similar to the DILF exams, these tests measure students' abilities at different levels. However, they also include proficiency in “language structure” (grammar), and their certificates are only valid for two years.
  • Le Diplôme de Compétences en Langue: Unlike the other two options, this diploma is meant specifically for adults who want to work abroad. As a result, it includes exercises that simulate real-life situations as closely as possible. Like DILF, it is costly, but it does not expire.

Best Social Media To Learn French

Most people spent an unhealthy amount of time checking their Instagram DMs and laughing at ridiculous TikTok videos. So why not use social media to your advantage, that is, to speed up your learning process? Think about it. Rather than treating them as mindless entertainment, you can easily turn Instagram, TikTok and Facebook into another learning resource. Just follow these profiles and make sure to stay engaged with their content, for instance, by commenting with your newly acquired French vocabulary.



But maybe you’re the kind of learner who doesn't settle for courses, exams or apps. Perhaps, you learn or want to learn languages naturally, through a massive input of language use from everyday activities. If so, this is your lucky day. Our list wouldn’t be complete without real-life language learning tools. So, below, we’ll leave you some very useful alternatives to traditional teaching methods. Enjoy!


Talking to native French speakers

You probably know this one already. What better way to learn a new language than talking to native speakers? Yes, some might speak really fast and use very specific vocabulary. But if you get in touch with them, you’ll be able to learn French slang, interaction patterns and develop native-like speaking abilities faster than you ever imagined.


Reading French comics, news and books

Sadly, not everyone has the chance to talk to native speakers. If that’s your case, there are other ways to connect to French culture. One of them is by reading French comics or books and watching French news channels. While you won’t be able to humanly interact with any of these resources, you’ll have the chance to take a closer look at how French people communicate.


Watching French TV, streaming or YouTube videos

This is, perhaps, most learners’ favorite method of study. Contrary to popular opinion, watching TV, streaming or YouTube videos is not a distraction as long as you use them to your benefit. How so? Well, for instance, you can enjoy these activities while taking notes on French vocabulary and imitating native speakers' real-life speech to practice your speaking skills.

Tips To Get the Most of Your French Learning Journey

Let’s do a quick recap. Learning French has many benefits for you, and there are hundreds of apps that can help you begin your French language learning journey. Above, we have arranged the best ones just to give you a hand.

But, as we said before, language learning is not something to take lightly. Since studying a whole new tongue can be a bit frustrating, we compiled a list of tips to make the best of all these resources.

  • Languages are not impossible to learn: It doesn’t matter which language you learn. At the end of the day, all of them share similar characteristics (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, etc... ). So, don’t even think about telling yourself that you can’t learn a language.
  • Always set goals: Also, don’t make the same mistake as learners who start taking courses or completing activities without a real objective in mind. If you really want to learn French, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with this language. Are you learning French to have a fluent conversation or to learn specific terminology for your job? With a neatly outlined set of goals, you’ll know exactly what you need to learn and avoid wasting time with unnecessary activities.
  • Track your progress: This is a must. It’s okay if you don’t want to take exams. After all, these tend to put students under much pressure. But you definitely need to find other ways to track your progress and test your abilities. If not, you’ll never find out whether you’re actually getting better at French or not
  • Don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes: Many students have a misconception about mistakes. They’re not a “bad thing”. Mistakes are actually very beneficial for your learning. They let you know that there is a gap in your knowledge and that you need to get better in certain areas. So, don’t be embarrassed about making mistakes. Like all the resources we have highlighted, they are just another tool for learning.
  • Immerse yourself in your target language: If you want to learn French with all your heart and seek to develop native-like speaking abilities, you need to get the hang of French culture now. So, stop watching movies in English and immerse yourself in the world of French cinema.
  • Be patient and persistent: Everybody knows that to become good at something you need patience and persistence. But, out of frustration and disappointment with their progress, students sometimes forget about this. Thus, while learning French, always keep in mind that language learning does not happen overnight. If you work diligently, you’ll eventually get what you want.

How to Boost Your French Learning Experience?

Now that you have your resources, tips and motivation, chances are that you’re eager and ready to begin your French learning journey. But there’s one more thing you need to know, we have to tell you the secret to speeding up your progress. “Why?” you may ask.

Well, online tools and tips are a great way to learn French, but they will only get you so far. If you really want to master this language, you’ll need the help of something else, actually, someone else: a native-speaking tutor. And, like the best French learning tools, you won’t have to spend countless hours looking for highly proficient teachers on the web.

Instead, at Language Trainers, we can pair you up with the most experienced and knowledgeable native-speaking French tutors. What’s best, you can choose to have classes in the comfort of your house, your office, or online through Zoom, Skype or Meet.

Just send us a quick inquiry, and we’ll get in touch with you. Our tutors are eager to join your journey and ready to prepare a specialized French learning program suited to your particular needs and goals. À tout à l"heure…Not only are our tutors eager to join your journey but also ready to prepare a specialized program suited to your particular needs and goals.