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Spanish Learning Resources


Learning languages has countless benefits! Forget about expanding your linguistic horizons for the moment and open your mind. Even if you do it just as a hobby, developing skills in a new language can increase your cognitive abilities, job opportunities and cultural knowledge.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re definitely interested in enjoying these advantages by learning Spanish. And to be honest, who wouldn’t? Spanish is one of the most spoken languages! With over 1.2 billion speakers scattered throughout the globe, becoming proficient in Spanish can definitely give a boost to your CV and help you break cultural barriers by communicating with ease around the world. Now, what’s the best way to start? By exploring our list of the best language learning resources, you’ll become Spanish savvy faster than you ever imagined. Just keep on reading and you’ll find out all about them. Estás listo?

The Ultimate Resource List To Study Spanish

The Ultimate Resource List To Study Spanish Let’s be honest, learning any language from scratch can be particularly challenging. And considering the amount of language learning tools out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. If this is your case, you’re probably wondering how to begin. But don’t worry.
We arranged the best Spanish learning resources into sensible categories to suit various methods of study. And, if that wasn’t enough, at the very end of the article, you’ll also find the secret to taking your language learning journey to the next level. Let’s begin!

Best Apps To Learn Spanish

As you probably know, becoming proficient in another tongue is not an easy task. Sometimes, it can become very hard and time-consuming. Fortunately for you, nowadays, you can practice your Spanish skills with engaging bite-sized lessons from a variety of apps. Just take a look at our favorite options and pick the one that matches your style, objectives and level. Some of them work with a particular skill, while others develop various at the same time:



This app turns boring lessons into simple games. In Clozemaster, you’ll learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary by filling gaps in real-life contextual dialogues. You can play for free, but there are more features available for Pro users with a fee starting at $8.



Are you tired of learning Spanish verb conjugations with traditional exercises? Then, we highly recommend taking a look at Conjugato and getting ready to master Spanish verbs with mnemonic flashcard games.



The most famous FREE language learning platform, Duolingo also relies on games to teach Spanish. Its primary function is to help you translate words or phrases about interesting topics into another language. You’ll even get the chance to share your results on social media and compete with friends.



Are you passionate about Spanish music? Then, this app was created exactly for you! With LyricsTraining, you’ll get to practice your listening skills for FREE by enjoying Spanish songs, reading their lyrics and filling in the gaps.



Would you like to master your Spanish pronunciation on the go? Say Something In is the way to achieve this in little time and in a very simple way. The app will play short audios in English, and you’ll repeat them in Spanish. Then, the app will play the same audio in Spanish to help you check your pronunciation.

Best Dictionaries/Translators To Learn Spanish

With so many useful language learning apps out there, using dictionaries and translators seems a bit outdated. But this is far from true. These days, there are a vast number of modern online dictionaries and translators, which will come in handy for every single learner. In some cases, you won’t even have to type the word in the search bar to look for definitions:


Formerly known as Lexico, it is for those students who just want the definition of a word without too many examples or excessive details. Just type your word and will offer definitions and synonyms in an instant.



Like, Linguee is also fast. Actually, it will show translations even before you finish typing a word. And what’s best, it will display how words are used in real-life contexts.



Now, if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of Spanish lexis and expressions, Reverso is the way to go. By writing a word in the search toolbar, you’ll get examples, explanations, idioms, synonyms, collocations and other details.


Unlike most other options, Word Reference grows thanks to users’ input. So, it’s a great option to learn new words and differences between Spanish regional dialects.

Best Textbooks To Learn Spanish

In this day and age, most people count on online tools to learn new things. But printed material can be extremely useful and entertaining as well, especially when it comes to language learning. For instance, some of these Spanish textbooks will introduce you to new vocabulary and grammar with marvelous storytelling techniques. So, for those book-lovers, or those students without internet connection or those learners who are tired of using their phones and computers for every single thing, these are the best textbooks to learn Spanish:


Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish

Just to give you an idea of how good this book is, it was published in 1953 and keeps being lauded as one of the best textbooks to learn Spanish. The secret lies in teaching through stories rather than traditional “listen and repeat” activities.


Spanish Made Easy

As the name implies, this book will allow you to learn Spanish with relatively easy digestible and bite-sized lessons so that you’re always engaged and motivated.


USO De La Gramatica Espanola

If you’re a grammar nerd, you should definitely check this textbook. Uso de la Gramática Española has 22 topics that cover Spanish grammar in all its complexity.

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Spanish

But maybe you’re not an avid reader. Perhaps, you’re more of a visual learner, the type of person who learns languages by watching and listening. Let’s say that’s the case, then your best option to learn Spanish is by watching online videos. And what’s the best site to study this language with engaging video lessons for FREE? YouTube!


Butterfly Spanish

Boasting 1 million subscribers, Butterfly Spanish is the best option to learn this language with fun and short lessons that cover learning strategies, real-life language use and many other topics.



What sets Culture Alley apart from other Spanish learning channels is its relatively straightforward teaching method. You won’t watch a teacher but just listen to a voice giving explanations and sharing examples on a whiteboard.


The Spanish Dude

Similarly to Butterfly Spanish, this YouTube channel has an electrifying teacher who not only offers explanations with interesting topics and examples but also short 4-minute videos about Spanish fun facts.

Best Podcasts To Learn Spanish

Are you tired of looking at your monitor for countless hours? There’s no need to worry. YouTube video series are not the only viable option for those students who learn by listening. Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the last few years. And just like videos, they’re an excellent source of natural Spanish. These are some of our favorite ones. Make sure to give them a look:

  • LanguaTalk Spanish: Even if you’re a beginner student, you can still listen to podcasts, especially this one. Jesús and Rocio talk about a variety of topics at a slower pace to make sure you can understand what they’re saying. They also share transcripts to read as you listen.
  • Lightspeed Spanish: With 32 FREE Spanish lessons, LightSpeed Spanish is an excellent source to take your Spanish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation wherever you go. The only downside is that you must pay for worksheets.
  • Easy Spanish: If you’re not interested in listening to Spanish classes but rather learning about Spanish culture and lifestyle, then you should definitely check Easy Spanish. It offers content in different Spanish dialects and the possibility to immerse yourself in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Spanishobsessed: Are you learning Spanish from scratch? We suggest listening to Spanish Obsessed’s more than 30 lessons for beginner students. But be wary, if you want worksheets, you’ll have to pay.

Best Online Courses / Programs To Learn Spanish

But, if you’re more of a traditional learner and, instead of using podcasts, you would rather enroll in a course, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some excellent and well-organized Spanish learning programs on the web. With a variety of teaching techniques and methods, these online courses will give you a solid foundation of this language.

  • Michel Thomas Method: This is one of the most famous audio learning programs. Forget about books, note-taking or conscious memorizing. Michel Thomas method claims that you’ll learn Spanish in the same way as how you developed your native tongue, through simple but well-thought listening and repeat activities that imitate real language use.
  • Spanish Uncovered: But if you’re looking to try something different, we highly advise taking Olly Richard’s story learning course. The name refers to this page’s particular teaching style. Rather than the traditional “repeat after me” technique, you’ll learn Spanish as you follow widely-entertaining stories.
  • A pioneer in educational websites, StudySpanish offers a variety of services to study this language. For instance, you can read blog entries that provide simple explanations of Spanish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation or, if you want to learn faster, you can try “Camino”. This is a 45-unit online and audio conversational course, where students learn Spanish by imitating bite-sized real-life dialogues, completing quizzes and other activities.

Best Online Exams To Learn Spanish

Let us assume that you chose to study on your own, but wish to test your knowledge of Spanish. How are you going to do it? Our suggestion is to take a look at these online examinations. You might have to pay for them, but they are totally worth it. They belong to some of the most reputable Spanish teaching organizations, like Instituto Cervantes of Spain, and give you the chance of obtaining a certificate.

  • DELE: A very standard-looking exam, it’s separated into four different sections (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and comes into a variety of levels (from A1 to C1), depending on your proficiency. It belongs to the Instituto Cervantes, which offers an official lifetime diploma for those who pass the testSIELE: It is similar to DELE. The only difference lies in its system. Although SIELE is divided into sections, it is not separated into levels. Rather, there is just one exam for all levels together so you don’t need to estimate your expected level in advance (like you do for DELE). And it will assess your level of Spanish based on the sections you’re able to complete correctly. If you pass, you can get a certificate that will last for five years.
  • SIELE: It is similar to DELE. The only difference lies in its system. Although SIELE is divided into sections, it is not separated into levels. Rather, there is just one exam for everybodyall levels together so you don’t need to estimate your expected level in advance (like you do for DELE). And it will assess your level of Spanish based on the sections you're able to complete correctly. If you pass, you can get a certificate that will last for five years.
  • D.I.E.: Unlike DELE and SIELE, these exams only asses oral and writing skills. But the good news is that, if you pass, you’ll also get a diploma, certifying your level of Spanish.

Best Blogs To Learn Spanish

Language learning blogs are some of the most useful resources out there. Not only do they offer detailed explanations for Spanish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, but they’re mostly written by experienced Spanish teachers who often share free materials and lessons to help you hone your skills. So, even if you’re not an avid blog reader, you should check these Spanish learning sites:

  • El blog para aprender español: El blog para aprender español: Run by Raquel and María, Spanish teachers from Madrid, this blog gives you an insight into the Spanish language and culture with a variety of activities and free materials.
  • My Daily Spanish: This blog is particularly useful not just because it teaches Spanish grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary through games, like tongue twisters, but because it also features posts on useful Spanish expressions and slang.

Best Social Media To Learn Spanish

Isn’t social media one of the main sources of students’ distraction? Not as long as you use them to your benefit! And just to be clear, not every single Spanish lesson needs to include grammar or vocabulary activities. Imitating Tik Tok dances of Spanish songs or watching famous Spanish teaching influencers on Instagram can easily take your language learning journey to new and fun heights. You’ll not only acquire new vocabulary while dancing and singing to viral Tik Tok videos but also enjoy free 3-minute lessons from Instagram users. We suggest you follow these users or like these pages:



But that’s not the end of the story. This list would not be complete without some alternative language learning tools. Unlike other resources, they do not involve Spanish lessons, exams, courses or activities. Instead, these are everyday things that you can use to your benefit to become a proficient Spanish speaker:


Talking to native speakers

Sadly, not everyone has the chance to talk to native speakers, especially in countries where Spanish is not a second language. If that’s your case, we suggest getting in touch with Spanish social media communities. By just seeing or listening to native speakers interact, you’ll get a good idea of where your skills stand and how Spanish-speaking people use language in real-life contexts.


Reading comics, news and books

If you want to learn Spanish, you’ll need to immerse yourself in this new world, not just by communicating with native speakers but also by reading books, comics or magazines for Spanish learners, like Hola Qué Pasa. You might also want to check short stories in Short Stories in Spanish.


Watching TV, streaming or YouTube videos

Everybody loves watching videos, series or TV while sitting comfortably on a sofa. So, why not use it to your advantage? Try to imitate how Spanish speakers talk to each other, turn on subtitles to test your reading and listening skills or write what these Spanish speakers say to check your vocabulary knowledge.

Tips To Get The Most Of Your Spanish Learning Journey

As we said before, language learning is no easy task. Some people have a knack for becoming proficient Spanish speakers in little time, but most students will have to learn at a slightly slower pace. Does that mean that they are not successful language learners? Absolutely not! But they would certainly benefit from following these tips:

  • Languages are not impossible to learn: You need to convince yourself that there is no such thing as languages that are impossible to learn. However different they look, all languages share similar characteristics, namely a set of lexis, a set of sounds and grammatical structures.
  • Always set goals: Before learning a language, you should ask yourself this: How many words and sounds should I learn daily? How much time should I dedicate to my Spanish lessons weekly? The answer will give you an idea of what is your objective and how to organize yourself.
  • Track your progress: Yes, every now and then, you should make sure to test your skills. If not, you’ll never find out if you’re actually developing your Spanish or fossilizing mistakes.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes: There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. This is a normal part of the learning process. It should never discourage you! On the contrary, it should motivate you to get better.
  • Immerse yourself in Spanish: The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in it. That is, think in this language, watch TV shows from Spanish-speaking channels, read Spanish books, listen to the best Latin music and set your computer and mobile’s operating system in Spanish.
  • Be patient and persistent: Everyone can learn a new language, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll do it in the blink of an eye. Nothing happens overnight. Just stick to your method of study and with time and dedication, you’ll see the results.

Tips To Get The Most Of Your Spanish Learning Journey

As we said before, language learning is no easy task. Some people have a knack for becoming proficient Spanish speakers in little time, but most students will have to learn at a slightly slower pace. Does that mean that they are not successful language learners? Absolutely not! But they would certainly benefit from following these tips: