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Language Courses in Glasgow

Glasgow. The capitol of Scotland has seen great economic growth in recent decades and as a result there has been a considerable wave of immigration in the recent decade. With the University of Glasgow stimulating the influx of international students and researchers, the city continues to grow into one of the UK’s most progressive and cultured cities. Today, the city is a melting pot of ethnicities, with strongly rooted communities of Lithuanians, Chinese and South Asians.


As Glasgow continues to grow and welcome new residents from all countries, it becomes more important to polish your foreign language skills. Learn a second (or third! or fourth!) language for business, personal, or travel reasons and see what opportunity awaits. Take one of our free online language level tests to see how good your foreign language skills currently are and then send us an enquiry to get started with a personalised language package right in your area.

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Foreign Language Speakers

Foreign Language Speakers

11% of population
No. of Immigrants

No. of Immigrants

12% of population

Our clients include:

  • Desso UK
    Desso UK
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    Etsy Inc.
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    Microsoft Corporation
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    RedMill Marketing Associates