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Language Listening Tests

Language Trainer’s Listening Tests allow you to know your current ability to understand different speakers in your language of choice. Upon completing the test, our quick and accurate scoring system will immediately provide you with an evaluation that summarises your language proficiency level.

Elementary Test

The first of our two Listening Tests is the Elementary Level, which is suitable for learners currently using the language at Beginner, Elementary or Pre-Intermediate levels. As such, these are the only ratings you can receive on this test. Therefore, if you believe you can understand your chosen language at the Intermediate level of above, please take the Intermediate test instead.

Throughout the 12 sections of the Elementary test, you must listen to a series of sound files and then answer multiple-choice questions or carry out drag-and-drop tasks; the actors speak slowly and clearly; and the topics covered concern simple activities and common, everyday subjects, like telling the time or identifying the titles of family members.

Intermediate Test

While the Elementary test is suitable for assessing language listening skills from Beginner to Pre-Intermediate, the Intermediate Listening Test can evaluate Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels.

So, while there are only 3 sections in this test, the actors speak at a more natural speed, discussions are longer and cover complicated scenarios and the questions are highly specific. Prepare to listen to in-depth conversations regarding someone’s weekend activities, a business presentation and an interview.

To begin your Listening Test, please select the difficulty and language you would like to attempt from the list below.

After completing your test, or if you do not believe you are ready to answer even basic questions at Beginner level, why not check out our most popular language courses for some inspiration before enrolling in personalised lessons with a native-speaking teacher near you!

Listening tests for professional organisations

Do you want to train your staff to improve their foreign language skills? Perhaps you already employ talented bilingual speakers but need a way of identifying them. Before you can arrange your staff into suitable learning groups or approach the best language speakers about open opportunities, you need to understand who knows the language in question and to which level of proficiency.

To help you achieve this, we can customise one of our existing Listening Tests by branding it with your institution’s logo and providing a link where as many employees as you want to test can access it. So, whether you would like to know the language listening ability of a few staff or the entire organisation, our FREE, no-obligation service can help!

Simply contact us with your company’s information and your language requirements , and we will respond with your Listening Test. After all the required personnel have completed it, we will help you organise and interpret the results, so you can quickly see how well your co-workers understand the language, and what that means for using it in a real-world scenario or for forming study groups.

Try another language test

Language Level Tests

You have assessed your ear for the language, now put your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and expressions under the microscope! Our Level Tests comprise 70 multiple-choice questions for fast-but-thorough evaluation of your general understanding of your chosen language. Discover your current proficiency with our FREE Language Level Tests.

Reading Tests

We are creating Reading Tests to further evaluate your language level. Please check back soon or send us a quick enquiry if there is a particular language you want us to add.


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