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Nottingham. Between Trent University, a vivacious music and shopping scene and century-old architecture, there is a lot to see and do in the city of Robin Hood fame. A bit quieter than London, Nottingham nonetheless has the second-largest GDP in all of England, boasting a diverse array of corporate headquarters in such globally recognized names as Speedo, Games Workshop and Capitol One. 5.8% of the population in Nottingham was born outside of the UK, most commonly in Poland, Germany, India and Pakistan, making for a surprisingly multicultural ambiance in the East Midlands.

Nottingham is up and coming in the world of industry and its rapidly expanding population makes fluency in a second (or third! or fourth!) language a prerequisite for both competitive jobs and global relationships. Keep up with Nottingham’s multicultural tapestry. Learn a foreign language with one of Language Trainers' native-speaking tutors. Take one of our free online language level tests to see how good your language skills are, and then send us an enquiry for more information about personalised language packages in your area.

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Interesting Language Facts

There are approximately 6,1912 living languages in the world today.

Bilinguals have better literacy skills.

One out of every four people has at least some knowledge of the English language.
Foreign Language Speakers

of population
No. of Immigrants

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Some of our Language Teachers in Nottingham

Language Taught: French

Eddy is a native French speaker with ample teaching and business experience. He is available to teach classes both in-person and online to students of all backgrounds, from total beginners to the highest level of business French. In addition to teaching, Eddy is a businessman who has opened his own restaurant and catering company and has worked as a business mentor.

Nottingham's twin city is: Minsk, Belarus

Top Foreign Newspapers

Polish Express Language: Polish
Sing Tao Language: Chinese
Die Woche Language: German
Al-Arab Language: Arabic
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Our clients include:

Etsy Inc.

GSM Association

Hawthorne Power Systems

Travelzoo Inc.

Client testimonials

See some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

”The lessons are going really well, and I am enjoying them a lot.”

Stuart Hopkin Polish course in Nottingham, Monarch Acoustics Limited

”The lessons are going well due to my great teacher. Thank you!”

Christopher Nixon Norwegian course in Nottingham, Sales and Project Manager, Joy Global