Angry bumblebees

Most first names, if not derived from myth, place, flower or surnames, have a specific meaning. Patrick, for example, means noble, from the latin patricius. Naomi means ‘pleasant’ in Hebrew, while the Irish Gaelic Kevin literally means ‘comely birth’. More unusual meanings of names from around the world include the following :

Astell (m) sacred cauldron of the gods (Manx)

Delisha (f) happy and makes others happy (Arabic)

Ebru (f) eyebrow (Turkish)

Farooq (m) he who distinguishes truth from falsehood (Arabic)

Fenella (f) fair shoulder (Manx)

Lama (f) with dark lips (Arabic)

Matilda (f) strength in battle (German)

Xicohtencatl (m) angry bumblebee (Nahuatl, Mexico)

Xiao-Xiao (f) morning sorrow (Chinese)